You know your from New Jersey if

You live within 30 minutes from the beach but never go there in the Summer do to them being overcrowded

The beach is the shore

You either love or hate New York City

You have at least 10 pairs of hats and sun glasses

You defend your state to outsiders but then bash it just as much

You rarely if ever refer to your state as Jersey

You know of people who were affiliated with the mafia

You know what real pizza taste like

You hate the TV Show Jersey shore

You have called New York City NYC before.
You think Trenton is the worst place ever

You know people who hate New York City but still like their sports teams.

You don't eat seafood, despite living so close to the ocean

Cheese Pizza is Plain Pizza and nothing else

You pronounce Mario Mae-Rio

Newark is Ne-wark

You'll go to other states such as Maryland Delaware and Virginia to go to the beach just to avoid the overcrowding of your own.

You live for Summer
Hey Ted were are you from

I'm from New Jersey
by Silverfalcon May 22, 2013
A state thought to be the perilous armpit of the nation, until a young man attended The Military College of Vermont(Norwich) and discovered a large quantity of whores and unhuman looking people.
This cadet claims to have never heard "Jersey" pronounced "Joisy" either.
There is no condescending name for New Jersey such as "vermonsters" in VT or "commiefornia" for CA.
by C/PVT Smith, T January 17, 2004
Not New York.
-Have you been to New York yet?
-Yeah, I were in New Jersey the other week.
by Mister Sheilaman August 15, 2010
A Northeastern state strongly dependent on the New York City economy for their lively-hood. People come to live here who are looking for a suburban life, but can't afford to live in Connecticut. Famed for being trashy and smelly, probably because the state of Connecticut and city of New York pay them to take our gross trash off our hands for us. Not sure why they insist on charging obscene amounts of tolls to use their sub-par highways, when our great state allows them to commute on all our highways for free, probably because they suck and can't afford to pay for their highways on their own. Also known as the cancer of the tri-state. If you look around and see a 6-lane wide traffic jam, a shopping mall to one side and a land fill to the other, chances have it you're probably in New Jersey.
Wow... look how much New Jersey sucks.
Yeahhh, thank God we're from Connecticut.
by dipsetbit*h July 27, 2010
okay okay, i sat back and read half the definitions that these white people in Jersey typed and i dont have a problem with it at all. Yes, Jersey is the best place, but its also one of the poorest places also. Majority of the people in the South Jersey area such as Hanover, Brick, Hamilton and all that other stuff has it kinda good that the people up in Essex and Union County.

New Jersey is by far the only state to have the most safest and most dangerous city in the nation. But if you havent noticed, there's 2 most safest cities (Hamilton and Brick) and 4 most dangerous cities. (Trenton, Camden, Newark, & Jersey City) What does that tell you?

Yes, Jersey is the home of plenty celebrities and happens to be one of the best places you can be from. But dont come and think everything will be all smiles and laughter because you're thinking wrong.

Take a trip to Irvington, East Orange, or Elizabeth with a nice sidekick or even a cell phone. Let's just hope you make it out alive.

New Jersey, home of the good and the bad, expect the un-expected.
by RACE325 May 14, 2008
New Jersey is practically the best state to live in on earth. I lived there from the time i was born, to when i was 16 years, 5 months, 15 days, 15 hours, and 20 minutes, yes i have that figured out to the exact moment. I love new jersey! I miss it now that i moved to NC. What most people don't know is that Jersey doesn't *smell* like everyone thinks. Sure there are some place where it smells like a sewer, but there are also places that make it smell the best on earth.

In Jersey you can go anywhere within 20 minutes of driving, and get anything you want. food? Chinese, Mandarin, Asian, Italian, Germany, Thai, Irish, you name it, we've got it. It's also the only place other than NYC where you can get a decent pizza. Anyone who lives elsewhere known nothing of what good pizza is. They don't understand how to make it. you need the proper equipment (proper equipment: an italian mafia family)

We are home to a GREATY Ivy league University (Princeton). We have many great other schools around. In the North for Example, Farleigh Dickenson, and Rutgers. Plus we are within a 30 minute drive into the most fantastic place you'll ever know, NYC.

Property value is high in New Jersey, if you own a large piece of land, sell it now. Because there are NO large pieces left. You can get to 3 different malls within 20 miles of your home.

No one from Jersey call it "Joisey", unless we are making fun of the people who do. Turnpike jokes arent' funny, quit asking. No, no one in NJ has ever pumped their own gas, its illegal. We have a great lottery.

New Jersey is the best place on earth, if you disagree i will smack you! *smacks*
by aalikane April 07, 2006
I was born and have lived in this state all my life and love it. Yes if you're a true new jerseyian, you are conceited. Deal with it outsiders. New Jersey IS the best GOD DAMN STATE and I'll tell you why. Most of the successful people come from the state. Most of the smart people come from this state too. AND NO, I'M NOT AN IGNORANT NEW JERSEY GIRL. Yes we do have our skanks. BUT SO DOES CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, GEORGIA AND FLORIDA; The list goes on so if that's ignorant, fuck you, you damn fool. Most people of other states are jealous because we dress better (and match), we're fucking hot as shit, and a majority of new jerseyians are rich and spoiled. Discrimination happens...rarely. You have ghetto whites and blacks. You have a shit load of rich blacks...i for one am one and i like it. Many blacks are smart here. You'll find a whole bunch of blacks in AP courses. Everyone here owns atleast one pair of uggs, converse, nike, coach, juicy or any other name brand. So dont say people are poor because even people in newark have better cars than half of the people in other states. Yeah if your a southerner, then sit down because people in newark even have bigger houses than you and theyre suppose to be the poor town.
Now most people get cars for christmas or birthdays. They range from Lexus to jeep to Range rover. we like the most expensive ones.
When we go to the jersey shore, we say DTS (down the shore) learn it, live it, love it.
We smell? Yah, .000000000001% of the state.
We have a reason to be conceited. What, we cant be confident? all the other states need a Self esteem boost. People are mad because they can't be as hot as us and can't get a new jerseyian. oh, and Btw, we dont pump our gas, we pump our fists because we're just that fucking great.

In conclusion, New Jersey is the best fucking state.

by dirtyjerseybitches January 03, 2011
Well. lets see here what we can do....

People for Jersey, read here, if NOT then skip ahead

-Jersey is the garden state for a reason. Old volcanic rock that has been broken down makes the perfect soil for the state that grows the most tomatoes. Its an odd state that could be urban in the cities, grassy in the highlands, or anywhere between. I happen to live at the tip, even further north than new york city, and its FREEZING. But if you went to the upmost sothern part, its HOT AS HELL! New jersey people now a days take to much crap that was left behind from a while ago, all the other states dont want to let us forget about how arogant people were here before we were even born!

now that thats out of my system....


-I live in jersey and can personally tell you how much is sucks. There are so many minoritys here, that ANYONE AND EVERYONE in your school growing up was racist, and cuz of our additude, your ass was kicked. Because of this, Jersey has left the bon jovi days behind and started to divide its children into two groups (to avoid racial separation for the millenniums, the old racist people are stuck in the past... seriously, four of my neighbors parents are like this) Any way, Group A: Sluts and Jocks. Group B: Emos and others. Group A naturally obtained their snobby attitude from generations of jersians, and i dont think i have to go into much more detail, considering how well other posts have done this job for me. Now, The sluts pick on the others (those not slutty enough to make popular status) and the Jocks pick on the Emos. If you werent obnoxious before first grade, thats it. your life is hell. There was once a survey talking about the goverments bad tap water on the east side, and that if you flush medicine down the drain it would get in the tap. This wasnt just jersey, and it listed the top medicines found in new york (tylenol, pepto...) florida (pain killers for old people, various old people medicines) and the point is, every state had roughly 5 things listed. Jersey had two: anger management pills (no doubt flushed down in a refusal to take them) and Anti-depressents. Mood stableizers werent even listed in the other states!!! I live in Jersey and want to leave it SO BAD.
1. Tomatoes are New Jersey's main export, allong with trees, sand, fresh-air and sunshine! (people are mean though)

2. There are so many sluts and emos in New Jersey, that every other suburban house holds either an old racist dude, a prick, or a mental institute escapee.
by xfill_in_the_blank_herex January 26, 2009

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