You know your from New Jersey if

You live within 30 minutes from the beach but never go there in the Summer do to them being overcrowded

The beach is the shore

You either love or hate New York City

You have at least 10 pairs of hats and sun glasses

You defend your state to outsiders but then bash it just as much

You rarely if ever refer to your state as Jersey

You know of people who were affiliated with the mafia

You know what real pizza taste like

You hate the TV Show Jersey shore

You have called New York City NYC before.
You think Trenton is the worst place ever

You know people who hate New York City but still like their sports teams.

You don't eat seafood, despite living so close to the ocean

Cheese Pizza is Plain Pizza and nothing else

You pronounce Mario Mae-Rio

Newark is Ne-wark

You'll go to other states such as Maryland Delaware and Virginia to go to the beach just to avoid the overcrowding of your own.

You live for Summer
Hey Ted were are you from

I'm from New Jersey
by Silverfalcon May 22, 2013
Not New York.
-Have you been to New York yet?
-Yeah, I were in New Jersey the other week.
by Mister Sheilaman August 15, 2010
The best damn state there is. New Jersey is in the tri-state area somewhere mashed inbetween New York, Philly and Delaware. I love how people from out of state "know" so much about Jersey! They think Jersey is dirty and so are the people! I bet they will say that "out of state"! From Atlantic City to Newark Jersey is full of the best mix of ITALIANS, BLACKS, PUERTO RICANS, AND HINDU'S in the world! More people would agree we were the GARDEN STATE if they came and smoked some of our shit--Especially the shit from camden! oh, and Camden, aka, CMD, IS off the chain! People always talk shit and say dont go there at night, I BEEN THERE AT NIGHT! Plenty of times, aint nothin wrong wit that place! I was livin there and yea the shit is bad but damn, give it a fuckin break! Anyways, Jersey is the home of the most Bangin ITALIAN GIRLS and fine ass NIGGAS!
"New Jersey's Finest"
by Rachel Angelo February 26, 2007
okay okay, i sat back and read half the definitions that these white people in Jersey typed and i dont have a problem with it at all. Yes, Jersey is the best place, but its also one of the poorest places also. Majority of the people in the South Jersey area such as Hanover, Brick, Hamilton and all that other stuff has it kinda good that the people up in Essex and Union County.

New Jersey is by far the only state to have the most safest and most dangerous city in the nation. But if you havent noticed, there's 2 most safest cities (Hamilton and Brick) and 4 most dangerous cities. (Trenton, Camden, Newark, & Jersey City) What does that tell you?

Yes, Jersey is the home of plenty celebrities and happens to be one of the best places you can be from. But dont come and think everything will be all smiles and laughter because you're thinking wrong.

Take a trip to Irvington, East Orange, or Elizabeth with a nice sidekick or even a cell phone. Let's just hope you make it out alive.

New Jersey, home of the good and the bad, expect the un-expected.
by RACE325 May 14, 2008
A state thought to be the perilous armpit of the nation, until a young man attended The Military College of Vermont(Norwich) and discovered a large quantity of whores and unhuman looking people.
This cadet claims to have never heard "Jersey" pronounced "Joisy" either.
There is no condescending name for New Jersey such as "vermonsters" in VT or "commiefornia" for CA.
by C/PVT Smith, T January 17, 2004
What people outside of New Jersey think:

*We only eat pizza
* We are obnoxious and always get into fist fights
*We all live down the shore and if we don't we are living in the basement of a factory in the center of Jersey.
*The only thing we do is fist pump
*The girls are short and fat but the guys are tall and ripped
*We always say "Joisy"
* We are all rich
* It's like a cheep Italy
What we reely do:
*Just because we make the best pizza in the country doesnt meen that it's the only thing we eat ( New York's pizza has nothing on ours)
* We only get into fights if we need to. We are the ones who give money to bums in New York.
* Many of our houses are reely nice and most of us just go to the shore in the summer.
* The girls are gorgeous and the men are hot
* WHERE DID PEOPLE COME UP THIS THIS AWFUL ACCENT. *The only thing that I saw which I would consider an accent would be cawfee. What else would we say? coughey?
* We have not so great parts of New Jersey and rich parts.
*We are one of the nicest states in the country
If you hate us so much than why do you watch the jersey shore every week? New Jersey is the best
by Jersey Girl<3 September 03, 2012
New Jersey? What much is there to say rather than the fact that I reside in said state, and hate everything about it. The state is typically filled with assholes who think that they are better than you and because of that fact, are incredibly rude to you. The majority of the youth of the state typically believe that sports alone can get you into college.

THAT is the negative of the state.

THIS is the positive.

The shore/beach. Everywhere except Atlantic City. The schools are good, and so are a minority of the youth who are able to see the negative of the state; they abuse the good of the state and revel in it.

Please note that the MTV program, "Jersey Shore" is not similar to New Jersey at all, for the cast are absolute morons who have no idea what New Jersey is.
Your mother, "Hey! You live in New Jersey!"

Me, "Not proud of that fact."
by xXa7Xx February 22, 2012
basically a shit hole
dude im going to new jersey
why would you got to new jersey its a shit hole
by bob654333 July 12, 2011

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