You know your from New Jersey if

You live within 30 minutes from the beach but never go there in the Summer do to them being overcrowded

The beach is the shore

You either love or hate New York City

You have at least 10 pairs of hats and sun glasses

You defend your state to outsiders but then bash it just as much

You rarely if ever refer to your state as Jersey

You know of people who were affiliated with the mafia

You know what real pizza taste like

You hate the TV Show Jersey shore

You have called New York City NYC before.
You think Trenton is the worst place ever

You know people who hate New York City but still like their sports teams.

You don't eat seafood, despite living so close to the ocean

Cheese Pizza is Plain Pizza and nothing else

You pronounce Mario Mae-Rio

Newark is Ne-wark

You'll go to other states such as Maryland Delaware and Virginia to go to the beach just to avoid the overcrowding of your own.

You live for Summer
Hey Ted were are you from

I'm from New Jersey
by Silverfalcon May 22, 2013
new jersey. if youre from here you know the following:
1. people only go to camden to buy drugs or alcohol illegally.
2. people only go to trenton to buy drugs or to attend the puerto rican day parade.
3. every summer you go down the shore and get cheese fries on the boardwalk.
4. the white horse circle in trenton requires skill; the red lion circle in southampton does not.
5. you'll see at least 12 kids from your high school at wawa in the morning, getting a wawa green tea, breakfast sandwich, 20 oz coffee, or hoagie for lunch.
6. 711 ATM machines charge $1.50 per transaction.
7. if you must go to camden, newark, or trenton at night, lock your doors and make sure your windows are up. also, if you are a fan of rap music, turn it off. you will get jumped and/or shot.
8. bonfires and miller light in southampton are your weekend plans, every weekend. (south jersey)
9. speeding on 295 is an art. go 90 mph but make sure you slow down when you go past the rest stop right before the florence exit. theres always a statey being shady and waiting there for you in the insert.
10. take the back roads to lbi, atlantic city, cape may, seaside, and wildwood. getting pulled over on the garden state expressway or the acx isnt worth the 4 points itll put on your license.
in a circle, "Yield" is a merging technique. other new jersey drivers will say you cut them off, but will proceed to do the same thing in a matter of seconds.
by Llana November 07, 2005
The state with the cheapest gas in the country.. and we don't even have that 'self-serve' shit.

If that's not a good example of one of the many reasons NJ is a really good state... I don't know what is.

Oh and. By the way. We are -not- all Italian, even in South Jersey.
New Jersey's Regular Unleaded gas Price is like.. what? $2.79? Compared to.. what, over $3 in NY?

by Calypsion June 07, 2006
I love New Jersey. There is no other way to explain it. I have traveled all over the country and the world and there is no other place I would rather live. I have lived in Jersey.. no not Joisey... for my whole life until I moved to Tennessee to attend college. I hated it. The day I graduated from college I moved right back home and don't plan on moving out of this state again. Oh, and not to mention that Jersey girls are the hottest!
Tennessee Idiots: "Oh, you're from JOISEY! Do you live like the Suprano's?"
Me: No, fuck off! I live in New Jersey on a farm, and i'm not Italian and I don't live like the fuckin Suprano's!
by HickChick908 September 07, 2005
ommon misconceptions:
#1: new jersey is an industrial dump
while its true we have industry, its only near the border, we keep the inside nice and awsome , the industry just keeps the evil newyorkers and pennsylvanians from getting in
#2: we say joisey
no, only new yorkers drop the "new" and forget the "r"
#3 we are all poor and ugly
wrong agian, new jersey is wealthy, and has some of the finest ass around,
man: oh your from new jersey, what exit? HAHAH

NJ dude:..... at least im smart enough to know how a car works

man: im gonna go run into a pole now
by mykel.d2 May 31, 2005
Ummm..try New Jersey has the highest per capita wealth of any state (that's right more than NY or CT) And of course, we respect NY, a lot of us go into the city very often, and New Jersey is very classy. We have classic prep towns like Ridgewood and lots of celebrities live in Saddle River, among other towns. Bergen County is among the richest in the country and we may be a suburb, but we're close enough to cities like Hoboken that there's something going on all the time. Plus, we have a whole bunch of NY sports teams playing in NJ, like the Jets, Giants, etc. Please respect New Jersey, we respect you guys.
Most of us who live here think that NJ is a great place to live! Our schools are among the best in the nation, and we have an abundance of fresh air and trees! We're centrally located so we can enjoy the splendor of many states, NY and CT amongst the many.
by <3 NJ August 02, 2005
The best state in the country. Is often dissed by Pennsylvanians because of the infamous "Fifteen Miles of Universal Fart" but I'd sure as hell rather smell that than cow manure and all the other shit PA has to offer.
PA Native: You're from Jersey huh? What exit?
Jersey Native: 98, fuck-you-very-much.
by A Jersey Girl Stuck in PA December 09, 2004
East Coast State. Lots of stereotypes are false about this state just like there are false stereotypes about your state.
- Capital is Trenton
- Three regions, North, South, Central
- We DON'T say Joisey, we say Jurzee
- Depending on where you live you are either close to NYC or Philly
- Lots of rich suburbs, ghetto cities, and beach towns
- The beaches aren't dirty, they are actually clean and have some of the biggest waves I have ever seen
- People are really into sports, football, soccer, lax, etc.
- Lots of hot girls and a lot of ugly ones too.
- It does not smell. If you think it does you obviously have been on outskirts with lots of factories which doesn't smell that bad anyway.
- We have lots of pizza shops, bagel stores, and malls.
- Most people in Jersey have respect for New York and Pennsylvania. We aren't trying to compete with them, we enjoy there large cities and they enjoy our beaches, fare trade off.
- Trenton, Newark, Camden, and Patterson are considered "Ghetto". It doesn't mean you are going to get shot for walking it just means don't be retarded, say the n word, or start shit with people.
- Most people are either Philly Eagle Fans or NY Giants fan
- A lot of people move here for our schools (good public schools and private schools as well).
- We have; irish, jews, blacks, italians, mexicans, pueroricans, hindus, muslims etc. We are a very diverse state
- We are a Northeast state
- A lot of people here falsey stereotype the south as dumb. I realize that Southnern people are for the most part just as smart.
- There are some really good and bad drivers. Honestly the bad ones are Asians, Indians, Old people, and women.
- We are short tempered but funny people.
- We have some celeberties that were born here.
- Right now we have a population of about 10 million.
- We know we are small but we are STRONG
Jersey may not be the richest, or have the biggest cities but it's my home. I love it here and so will you if you give it a chance. No one says Joisey. From North Jersey, down to South, and back up again to Central we are strong. We love were we live and wouldn't trade it for the world.
by Jersey Kid November 02, 2007

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