home of joe budden, bruce springsteen, jay and silent bob, bon jovi and MAD other people.

aint nobody in jersey says "joisy"...who the hell made that up?

its the only state that drops the "new" in its name.

we got the best damned accent ever.

everybody that dont like jerseys only mad cuz they cant afford it.
by jerseygirlforever May 26, 2004
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Best place in the U.S. People who are haters either haven't really been here or are just know-it-all's from the rest of the 49 states that can't compare. Take one step into Jersey and you're hooked- learn to drive or you aren't going to survive. And cut it out with all that "joisey" talk. People who use stereotypes gotta get a clue.
"You're from New Jersey? What exit?"
by Seattle June 11, 2005
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The best state in the Union.The land of diners,greenheads,and Soccer.Those who make fun of it are either jealous or have never been here and would prefer to live in whatever cornball state they're currently in.

-For the last time,NO ONE SAYS "JOISEY"!!OK?Not even people in north Jersey.Most of us have a Philadelphian sounding dialect.

-No mullets either,ok?

-Many of us love Soccer,and Jerseyans are the best Soccer players in the US.(Tim Howard,Claudio Reyna.Both play in England)

-Knock it off with the stupid toxic waste and turnpike jokes,they're both unfunny and incorrect.If you REALLY want to make a Jerseyan laugh ask us what our longest time staying in a diner was or something like that.

-"Jersey girls" do not look like cheap whores with 80's-looking hair.They are usually gorgeous Italian girls,however they sometimes smoke too much and should cut that out.

-NJ smells like leaves and trees,thats about it.

-Ok,there's some shitholes here,i'll admit.(like with any place).But most of the state is beautiful and it's a great place to live.

-Douchebags like Jay Leno need to stop with the corny NJ jokes before I make some South Jersey chick beat his ass.

-One of the few places you'll find people who are of half-Irish and half-Italian descent.
There's no other girls like South Jersey girls.They're hot,funny,Italian,and dangerous.
by yup.... August 10, 2004
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I'm from Jersey. I keep it real.
by 'sup P October 01, 2004
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The first misconception other states have of New Jersey is that it "smells". Infact the only part of Jersey that may be a little rough on the nostrils is that of coming to the Lincoln Tunnel, since it is heavily populated in the surrounding areas with factories and marshes(which DO NOT home dead bodies).

Jersey is infact one of the wealthiest states in the country that people just can't help but moving to due to it's scenic portions and safe, quiet suburbs. Not to mention the fact that whichever end you choose to move to(North or South) you're in direct locations to two of the largest, bussling cities in the USA(Philadelphia & Manhatten). Not crossing out Central Jersey which is home to some of the most clean, friendliest beaches on the East Coast which has abundant tourism rates in the summer and hoppin' boardwalks.

All our residents in this state may seem very short fused, but hey...YOU try hearing a bunch of shit from bennies and other states sayin' how much you suck and your state is worthless and we'll see how you feel at the end of the day.

We hold it down here, infact i've lived here for 19 years of my life(and counting) and found upon visiting other states(such as Mass., Virginia, Nevada, Arizona, Maryland, Pennsylvania) that i MUCH rather live here for the rest of my life then in some economic wasteland and/or socially constipated place(yeah Virgina, I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU!).

i"Yeah, that's reeeeeeeeeal original, nope, never heard THAT one before"/i
by maria July 25, 2004
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The best state in the nation, where everything is within walking distance, people are friendly and know how to drive, whilst tourists claim that we drive like "maniacs" because they just don't know any better. Home of several national parks and one of the wealthiest counties in the nation, and one of the most respected ivy league schools as well. Many criticize New Jersey because we love our state so much, and they're jealous that ours is one of the most educated and prosperous in the nation. New Jersey is a wonderful place to live with many attractions that are overlooked and the state as a whole is completely underestimated.
Fuckhead: Oh you're from JOISEY,heh heh he he hehehehe, what exit?!?!?!?!
Jerseyian: You're a sad sad person....
by [DrunkenBusDriver] February 29, 2004
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The sickest state that I have ever been in. Hot girls, hot cars, hot beaches! What more can you ask for?
New Jersey is KILLER!
by AK August 08, 2004
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