The New Joysee government is known for being incredibly corrupt. This has been a trend ever since Satan was elected as governor of the state in 1917 when he claimed that his opponent, Jesus, had once been issued the death penalty due to a recorded criminal record.

Today, the members of the New Joysee State Senate eat at least 5 children a day, and the Govenor generally eats at least 7, though one day he once ate 24 in one sitting, fulfilling a dare in a childish attempt to impress his wife.

"In all honesty, the government is run by the Mafia," reported an actual Jersey resident quote. Unfortunately the resident and the reporter went "missing" shortly thereafter.

New Joysee was the 41st state in the United States of America. The state slogan was "The Armpit of America!", now "The Fabulous Armpit State!". As of 10/01/07 the capitol is New Joysee City.

Created when the Old Joysee was cast beneath the sea by the god Poseidon, the City-State of New Joysee is a scientifically formulated mixture of cow cheese, old fashioned blue-collar values, and fungally festooned ferret felt, best enjoyed while enjoying romance under a full moon listening to muskrat love. In some mythologies, New Joysee is the land of Paradise, the Garden of Alden, even. However, such stories are generally believed only by hopelessly psychotic homeless people who wander the streets of Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Note: Only fucking New Yorkers say New Joysee. New Jersey is a lot cleaner than other states because all of our trash is in Atlantic City, Trenton, Newark, Jersey City, and Camden where the gates of hell are located. In order to live in New Jersey One must be one of the folowing: Italian, Sicilian, Jewish, Irish, German, or Catholic, and Indians may live in central Jersey only. If you meet none of these standards, then you are to be wacked. Another little-known fact is that all people from New Jersey know where Jimmy Hoffa is, who killed Kennedy, where to get a good meal at three in the morning, and where to get drugs. New Jersey is divided into the north and the south. The North is the land of polution and crime and the south is farms, trees, the shore, and a dumping spot for bodies. All people in New Jersey live in fear of three things: the mafia, the Jersey Devil, and car insurance. All New Jersey residents would also like to close down Olive Garden because they cannot make gravy for crap. South Jersey people also know how Mexicans fit twenty people into the front cab of a truck, because they have done it with them. New Jersey residents also have been to every business shown on the Sopranos. The only way New Jersey residents are able to survive the taxes is through their Mafia connections, placing a tax burden on the medagons who should get the fuck out of New Jersey. Another little- known fact is that in Vineland (pronounced vine-lin) black people are some of the best members of the "clan". In order to become a resident of any shore town you need to "qatch the tram car, please". It is important also to mispronounce certain words, such as "woulder", the biggest debate in history. In "SJ" the Avenue is what it is all about. You also are required to live withen one half-hour of a mall, within 2 minutes of a Wawa, and within 500 yards of 20 Dunkin' Donuts locations.

According to Weird Al Yankovic, New Joysee sucks.

As of 1991, performing a left turn in an automobile at any given moment in New Joysee is prohibited, punishable by eighteen consecutive life sentences, being sent back in time 2 weeks by way of the Turnpike, and a make-over involving really, really big hair. The cars in New Joysee protested this law, and Christine Whitman, the local demon, jacked up car insurance rates in revenge. This is why auto insurance in New Joysee is so high.

Amongst the things to do in New Joysee:

Engage in self-loathing and general misanthropy
Sit in traffic
Curse your fellow man
Curse your government
Curse yourself
Go to to see some shitty emo band
Pay tolls
Make a left turn using a jug-handle
Say the eighteen consecutive life sentences out loud and thus be freed (along with two Hail Marys and a Rama Ding Ding)
Circles in the road... that magically turn into triangles... which amazingly are harder to navigate than the circle.

New Joysee has a rich culture in the arts, including but not limited to strip clubs inhabited by middle aged strippers and men in trucker hats, and has been the birthplace of such hit motion picture masterpieces such as "Jersey Girl" and "Gigli".

Places in New Joysee include
Joysee City
Los Chiyorkphigo
Geritolopolis, New Joysee
The Sunken Ruins of Old Joysee
South Jersey (not related)
The New Joysee Turnpike... a.k.a. "The Road from HELL!"
Edison, New Joysee
Moonachie, New Joysee
Your Mom
Newark, New Joysee
Kansas, New Joysee
Montvale, New Joysee
North Caldwell, which gets into endless sissy fights with the town of Your Mom.
The College of New Joysee
The Gates of Hell
Nick Sereda's house (The palace of dead cats).

New Joysee lost all of its sports teams to the non-existent New York. Thusly, the only sports team you will find in New Joysee is the New Joysee Turnpikers.

The New Joysee Turnpikers play right in the middle of exit 159 and 159b, right where that awful stench keeps happ'nin.

New Joysee is home to several species of tree.

New Joysee is also home to many musicians and people who pretend to be musicians, such as Bruce Springsteen, who despite all his riches still writes songs, and the tireless pedophile rights group and advocate for man-boy love and large hair, Bon Jovi. Les Claypool isn't from NJ but my mom thinks he is.

Bruce Willis, long rumored to possibly be some kind of actor, also hails from Hoboken, New Jersey, known for his roles in countless motion pictures where he expertly and tirelessly plays the same anti-hero bad-ass character over and over again and refuses to shave more than once a week.

The wild Indians of New Joysee populate many of the native conveniance stores and low-budget condos of joysee suberbs.

Um, don't forget Meryl Streep.

Other people include:
Amy Seymour
Gerard Way,the well known Mikey Jackson impersonater.

The following list of people have embarrassed the state of New Joysee beyond repair. The are no longer allowed to cross the border and come home for any reason.

Martha Stewart
Frank Sinatra
James McGreevy
Bruce Bedspring
Joe Piscopo
Kevin Spacey
Jack Nicholson
Dionne Warwick
Jerry Lewis
Whitney Houston
Judy Blume
The Menendez Brothers
Taking Back Sunday
Nathan Lane
(Okay, I'm kidding about the Menendez Brothers.)

Roads in New Joysee
Route 206, also known as the road that is always backed up is a popular favorite. Come and sit in traffic and marvel at how congested the road is!
Route 80, the road that goes all the way to California. Always backed up in the direction you are going in only. The other side is magically free of traffic.
Route 287 is another popular road. However, this road goes nowhere and does little of interest, so ignore it, please. Route 95 is a road that defies all logic in New Joysee. Notice the mile numbers. Notice how they randomly go up and down. Notice how if you are on I-95 North, somehow you end up on I-295 south and if you are on I-95 South you end up on I-295 North? If it isn't clear by now, I-95 in New Joysee was planned out by Hitler. Also in on the Route 295 Conspiracy is Route 130, which randomly joins with Route 295 in the southern area to try to have a four-way orgy with Route 40 and the New Joysee Turnpike at the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
Route 23 goes into New York. Literally, the only highway with nothing on it. Let's just avoid route 23.
Route 22 must be seen to be believed. It is actually a drive-thru megamall and boasts the highest daily accident rate of any road in the country. Also, a good road on which to hotbox while driving to Melody, Pennsylvania to buy relatively cheap cartons of cigarettes... or in the either direction towards... Route 1-9 and the ensuing Pulaski skyway, the central vein of the armpit, deep within the 'Joisey Smell' zone proper. This will bring you quickly within sight of the signs for the Holland Tunnel, where you will sit in traffic for exactly long enough to miss whatever it was for which you wanted to enter New York/escape Joisey. It's generally a good idea to bring along some food, water, and a container suitable for the deposit and storage of bodily waste, when one is daring enough to try this route.
Route 666 goes through the Pinebarrens. An area which if lost you could go for days without encountering a single sign of human life, drive past the gates of hell, and be killed by the Jersey Devil.
Route 40 is known for constantly being in construction when it never really needed it in the first place. Why they felt the need to make it wider will forever be a mystery. The constant construction is attributed to the workers ripping up the roads and then being wacked before they are able to complete the job.
"Wait a tick. They have a NEW Jersey now?"

"Joysee girls ain't trash... trash gets picked up!"

"A really lovely state, very convenient, to the south of Hell."
by Phayte January 01, 2007
New York City's metaphorical landfill.

Well, okay, so it's not that bad. Newark is interesting and it has some lovely looking areas, but there just aren't enough gardens to warrant its being called "The Garden State." I mean, c'mon.
a. I like New Jersey. It's a beautiful state.

b. New Jersey is just the state where all of NYC's trash goes. I hate it.
by Starsky Bootch October 24, 2004
An east coast state that will one day like detach itself from the US; probably because its stink will push it from its spot within the earth. This would be advantageous to PA, as it would have its own shoreline and be rid of most of Jersey's horrible drivers.
PA Driver: "Sorry I'm late. I kept getting stuck behind New Jersey drivers who cut me off, almost crashed into my car, and then proceeded to drive 10 miles under the speed limit.

PA Shore-Lover: "It's awfully nice out; too bad I don't want to go to the shore enough to have to drive an hour through New Jersey."
by Dego Mama July 21, 2005
NJ is a real wasteland, and a disappointing state that can be pretty boring but you could do a lot worse as far as boring i.e. Idaho, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma, Alabama etc.

NJ is just barely tolerable.
Almost everyone has lived in NJ at some point in their life, but you wouldn't know because no one dares admit it. the only ones who seem to be proud of this state are Bon Jovi and Springstein, still trying to figure out why.
by clyde June 04, 2004
A state west of NYC known to be one of the most polluted places in the country. If you drive long enough on the NJ Turnpike your chances of getting lung cancer and all sorts of diseases increses by 90%. Its a more spacious state with cheap and less expensive land and houses than NY, in general. A place where people live to get a house for cheap and try to imtiate NY.The NJ average housing price could be 649,000$ (thats even if it is) but thats because u get a house that has 30 rooms ,10 bathrooms, and a lake, a river ,and etc....The land is cheap. In NY you would get a small average house with 11/2 bathroom 2 bedrooms and a backyard if ur lucky with that being the starting price(thats in the bad areas too). Jersey is not wealthy at all and a house in Long Island alone can buy out 4-8 jersey houses.Shit an apartment in Tribeca cost more than a 5 acre house in Jersey. New Jersey people always try to prove themselves to New Yorkers because they know we are more real and have that NY "atitude" so they feel the need to prove to us that they "gangsta" as well, meanwhile they are just a bunch of suburban kids thinking they are "ghetto" and live the hard life. Jersians are not New Yorkers so dont not be mistaken they do not speak like us with the"cawfee" or "Wawtah" accent. They try but they cant be us New Yorkers (dont be fooled people). They are not even close to aggrivated or raged drivers as New Yorkers and if someone from Jersey drove in NY they would be harrased. Everyone knows that Jersey is a dump as well as Staten Island which is literally a few swimming strokes away from Jersey. The reason they got nice cars is because the houses are so cheap that they can afford the car they want.
The name says it all "DIrty Jersey" Keyword: DIrty!!!

"Move ya fucken car moron!......No wonda he's from Jersey....."
by Queens, New York July 13, 2005
a toxic wastedump of a state, with the exception of Hoboken - a gentrified 'extra burrough' of NYC, birthplace of Frank Sinatra, where yuppies spawn by the 1000s.
Dayum, you from dirty jerzee?
by TAU-rico May 08, 2003
a shithole located next to Pennsylvania, New York, and Delaware. everyone here is an asshole. the entire state is New York City's bitch except for southwestern new jersey its Philly's bitch. Camden has the largest amount of ghetto per square inch in the world, counting africa.
Who is that guy over there with the slicked back hair acting like Tony Soprano?
Must be from New Jersey.
by PANTHERS March 17, 2005
Should seperate North Jersey and South Jersey into two different states, because many things about them are totally different.

South Jersey: Home of wannabe-Italians, suburbs, overwhelming white majority, farmland, lots of Philly influence (more Flyers fans here than in Philly), close proximity of convenience stores, Pine Barrens, tourist attractions, popular beaches, AC, malls.

North Jersey: Everything in Jersey that was cool about 30 years ago (Asbury Park, Hoboken, etc), more racially diverse, urban, older-looking than South Jersey, lots of New York influence, high pollution, and the stereotypical nasal accent... overall, just looks more depressing.
Most insults directed at New Jersey apply only to North Jersey.
by Chernorizets Hrabr July 15, 2004

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