ok, theres alot to say about this DISGUSTING state. i live in NJ and it is embarassing to admit that. New Jersey is the most filthy, horrible, WHORE filled state you could EVER visit. all you see here are DIRTY beaches and grimy people. everybody is RUDE and closed minded. the people are usually unfriendly, ugly, steroid injecting, "drama" obessed townies. everybody looks EXACTLY alike; they all shop at 'bebe', 'Abercrombie & Fitch', and 'Hollister' because they are conforming elitist scum. everybody tries to be tough gangstas but they are just scared little bitches. it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a conversation about music or art because NJ people will be too busy talking about the gay ass episode of 'The OC' they saw last night, and go "OmG!1!!1, aDam BRodY is sO0o HawWt!". STFU whore!

the girls here are bitchy, mean, overly tanned sluts who have severe anger and self image problems. they die their hair like 50 thousand differnet shades of blonde and light brown (and it looks REALLY bad). all of them are UNINTELLIGENT posers who will sleep with anything that moves. NJ girls look exactly alike, its impossible to tell anyone apart.

NJ guys are so incredibly UNattractive. all of them are meat heads who inject steroids into their ass and play sports all day. they will put down anyone who is socially unacceptable or not involved in typical 'guy' things. they all wear the most ridiculous, crappy, clothes you will ever see (like tight ass shirts that show off their ARTIFICIAL MUSCLES and $200 jeans that look like they were attacked by a friggin dog because of the rips in them). there are no NJ guys worth looking at.

the people in new jersey are ALL the same, there is NO diversity whatsoever. if you dont like the yankees, talk a certain way, or spend $400,000 on a car you will be ousted from the group. another disgusting and embarassing thing about NJ is the Jersey Shore. this place makes me sooo mad. its basically the grimiest, bitch filled area you could ever go to. its just so DIRTY and there really are no good people who go there. its a slimy place where FRAT boys and SORORITY girls go to make complete asses out of themselves by getting drunk and contracting HIV from each other. its actually kinda of funny to watch because its so easy to make fun of them!

basically, NJ is a bad place where no one should go. i cant imagine why anyone would want to live/visit here on their own free will. theres nothing worth seeing. one piece of advice: STAY CLEAR AWAY FROM NJ! instead, go scrap your eyes out with a dull blade, it will be less painful.
New Jersey is a DIRTY place.
by jetsett May 10, 2006
Ahhh .. New Jersey .. you just gotta love it. I grew up in South Jersey .. where the typical Friday & Saturday night parties started in a peach orchard and ended in a diner. If there was nothing left to do .. we'd drive down the shore knowing that there was definitely something to occupy us there. Then drive back in the middle of the night dodging the deer on 55 or Delsea Drive. Us South Jersians never drove on the expressway or parkway .. it was either 55 or Delsea. If you're from South Jersey, you know what Heritages is .. and you know what 1/2 price hoagie day was. You know that 15 years ago it was safe to be in Camden during the day .. but NOT at night .. now you know that it's not safe to be in Camden period. You most likely sat in a classroom before summer vacation .. with the windows open and the warm fresh smell of horse maneur lurking in the room. You know about the NJ devil and you often thought about him while peeing in the woods at night .. c'mon .. you know you did! You know that Cheese Whiz on a cheesesteak is totally UNACCEPTABLE .. it's either american cheese or provolone. We say Woo-der .. not Waa-der. We also say Raa-diatior .. not Ray-diator. We also say Crick .. not Creek (Mantua Crick). Yo is a great attention getter ... and yous guys is our trademark. You can take me outta NJ .. but you can't take the NJ outta me!
Outta Staters in a Circle: "oh my god, how do you drive around one of these? I guess I'll just slam on my brakes and wait here until all these cars are done flying by me"

Jersian in the Cirlce behind the Outta Staters: "You fuckin incompetant shit! Just fuckin go! You don't stop in a circle you fuckhead!"
by hoagie_girl July 12, 2005
A common misconception of residents in New Jersey is the individuals on the Jersey Shore. People in New Jersey are commonly stereotyped as steroid poppin', hair spiked, orange douche-bags or for women extensions in hair, fake long nails, orange bitches. To your surprise, people from New Jersey happen to be normal human beings. The only areas with the New Jersey stereotype are in the Jersey Shore and most of those people are from New York or Philadelphia. The people who are from New Jersey and follow the stereotype are despised by the normal folk in New Jersey. Most of us do not speak with an accent, do not say "Joisey", pronounce the words "dog" and "talk" properly and are completely aware there is not a "w" in either of those words. If you do your research you will find that most of the people on the MTV reality show "Jersey Shore" are from New York. Trust me, whenever we see that New Jersey stereotype we too despise him and classify he/she as "Douche". To sum this all up, the stereotype is false. We are normal people. The only people who follow the stereotype are New Yorkers, Philadelphians, and the common anus.
- I have lived in New Jersey my entire life.

Person #1: I'm from New Jersey.
Person #2: No you're not!
Person #1: Yes I am...
Person #2: No, if you were you would have an accent and say "Joisey" HAHAHAHAHAH!
Person #1: Die, away from me...

Stereotype: Douche
by Kevin696969 January 02, 2011
no, it is not dirty, nor do we say joisey. but no one here should lie and say we dont have lots of malls or live off of an exit of the highway, we all do. jersey girlos DONT have big hair or look like trash. we have awesome emo and punk bands, many local, which are the best kind. so please, if youre gonna criticize jersey, at least make snese, oh and make sure your state isnt worse. most are.
person from midwest: oh youre from jersey? you must be dirty, im sorry.
jersey person: yeah, well at least i dont smell like cows, and i know what a building taller than 2 stories looks like!
by im from jersey, so what? April 28, 2005
A radioactive wasteland you may mistakenly find yourself should you be visiting New York. If you end up here it likely means you accidentally entered the on ramp for the Lincoln Tunnel. Either that or you're trying to get to Pennsylvania or all other points west.

The inhabitants of North Jersey are orange-skinned freaks who speak a bastardized pastiche of English, Italian, and Ebonics and who eke out meager livings selling drugs and extorting local businesses for protection money. The inhabitants of South Jersey are cannibalistic subhuman swamp people who live in mud huts deep in the wilderness of the Pine Barrens. They will rape and then devour the unfortunate soul who wanders into their domain and search his remains for money to use on the slots in Atlantic City, their only potential source of income.
Shit, we're in New Jersey. Don't panic, just keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked.
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. March 21, 2010
common misconceptions:
#1: new jersey is an industrial dump
while its true we have industry, its only near the border, we keep the inside nice and awsome , the industry just keeps the evil newyorkers and pennsylvanians from getting in
#2: we say joisey
no, only new yorkers drop the "new" and forget the "r"
#3 we are all poor and ugly
wrong agian, new jersey is wealthy, and has some of the finest ass around,
man: oh your from new jersey, what exit? HAHAH

NJ dude:..... at least im smart enough to know how a car works

man: im gonna go run into a pole now
by radioboy2422 May 29, 2005
we don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. we say fuck you to everything. we are the best state in the coutry and we let everyone know it. Cawfee , pizza , boardwalk subs and cheese fries are life. The highest paid teachers in the country and the top 5 in education every year. There's two parts Dirty Jersey and South Jersey. you know where your from by the girls.we dont have a professional baseball team but we take the yankees in like they're are own. yes, we take ownership of both new york football teams that play in new jersey....and the devils they rock!
Texan: Fuck you im from texas
New Jersian: Bitch fuck you im from jersey

New Jersey is the only place in the country to live.
by DerrtyJerzee201 December 07, 2007
The illest, most hardcore state in America. The ghettos are the most ghettoy in the world and the rich parts are the richest in the world. North Jersey is the car jacking capital of the world, with Newark having more car jackings than NYC and LA combined. New Jersey is also home to some of the richest counties in the country, such as Hunterdon Country, Somerset County, Morris County, and Bergen County.

In short New Jersey goes harder than any other state
Non-New Jerseyian: "hey man whats it like to like in shitty JOISEY hehehe"

New Jerseyian: Ya know what mutherfucker, get out da car, it's mine now
by illmatic1492 August 25, 2009
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