A sad, lonely state of Nascar devout hillbillies and hicks. Requirements for living in New Hampshire are incest, having children during the teen years, having the life goals of reaching secretary or "line cook" status, and having less than five (original) teeth. Common words often used in New Hampshire: "a-hyuck," "viddles," "trailer," "Paw," and "shotgun." Words rarely or never used include "birth control," "education," and anything with more than three syllables. Please note: There are no redeeming qualities to to residents of New Hampshire. Although proximity to Boston is stated as an advantage to New Hampshire, it is actually a burden upon Massachusetts, an area where the awkward New Hampshire hill folk are quietly and politely told to go back to the trailer park.
The New England state below Maine and above Massachusetts is New Hampshire.
by Dorothy Bassett June 19, 2008
State home to transplanted Massholes, bigoted Vermonsters, and confused Maniacs. The southern part of the state is overrun by college students whose parents won't pay for them to go to UConn. The northern part of the state has a 20:1 snowmobile to human ratio. The state bird is the purple finch and the state flower is the purple lilac, making New Hampshire high on the list of "Places That Are Gay By Default Alone".
Omigod, Mom and Dad told me I had to go up to New Hampshire to like, get my, like, education! Omigod! Aren't there like, no roads there? Like, I don't think I could live without a Starbucks!
by msFortunate March 12, 2007
One of the most interesting states in the nation, where just about everything is legal and everyone who isn't white gets pulled over and beaten the moment they cross the border. The weather sucks, but it looks nice in the summer time and not having sales tax is nice as well. Unfortunately, the smart people don't live in New Hampshire, but in the surrounding states near the borders and drive into New Hampshire to shop and return home to live in more affordable areas. It's got some pretty sick roads, which are unfortunately polluted by residents not knowing how to drive their Subarus, see also maine. Overall, one of those states that looks nice in a book or magazine, but you'd never want to visit.
Guy 1-New Hampshire sure is nice in the fall

Guy 2-Whats a New Hampshire?
by SpewingChunks August 14, 2005
Yeah NH's pretty... pretty dull, pretty boring, pretty depressing, pretty cold, pretty much not worth living in.
New Hampshire is boring boring boring boring and depressing.
by SeaninNH January 19, 2007
That state next to that one with the maple syrup...

Part of Massachusetts and Friends (New England).
New Hampshire, New Hampshire... nope, can't say I've heard of it.
by Eric Dion March 17, 2004
A boring state that sucks. The only good things about living there is how you're not taxed to death like Massachusetts or run by an asshole like New York.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
The state I live in that sucks... We have more cows than people and you can drive the perimeter of the state within like 3 hours because its so small... It is like -20 in the winter and +120 in the summer. We have too many dirt roads. The only good things are that we have no taxes practically and we are all rich. We all drive like 100 on the highway (on I93 and I89, you get places fast...) and our towns have cool names.
Wow, it is cold today in New Hampshire. Thank God I am moving
by Meeeeeeee October 02, 2004
A boring state that consists of hicks, a small number of beaches, rests areas, and the White Mountains. You have to drive through it to get to Maine or Montréal. Also it has a lack of sales tax that attracts many people from Massachusetts to go there and buy things, but the state has a 7 or 8 percent restaurant tax, while Massachusetts has only a 5 percent restaurant tax.
I hate New Hampshire.
by hasafienda January 18, 2005

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