A sad, lonely state of Nascar devout hillbillies and hicks. Requirements for living in New Hampshire are incest, having children during the teen years, having the life goals of reaching secretary or "line cook" status, and having less than five (original) teeth. Common words often used in New Hampshire: "a-hyuck," "viddles," "trailer," "Paw," and "shotgun." Words rarely or never used include "birth control," "education," and anything with more than three syllables. Please note: There are no redeeming qualities to to residents of New Hampshire. Although proximity to Boston is stated as an advantage to New Hampshire, it is actually a burden upon Massachusetts, an area where the awkward New Hampshire hill folk are quietly and politely told to go back to the trailer park.
The New England state below Maine and above Massachusetts is New Hampshire.
by Dorothy Bassett June 19, 2008
One of the last free states. one of the few places where you can still shoot an intruder in your home in the face and still walk away the victim. Because you are. Although, the Patriot Act has really changed that. We aim to get that shit repealed real soon, though. One of the few places in the country where you won't get swarmed by police if you walk down the street with a DEagle strapped to your hip (assuming you have the proper permits). One of the few places in the country where you can still carry concealed.

There are a lot of hillbillies when you get into cow country. But they're the ones with small arsenals in their basements, so they rock. Can't' do that shit in many places anymore. Our beaches might not be spectacular, but we have some of the best skiing next to Colorado. We might be slow drivers, but we're some of the best because most of us don't have insurance. If you get hit and run in NH, don't take it personally. The person who did it just doesn't feel you're worth an insurance surcharge. That's another thing: lowest insurance rates in the country. You know why? Voted one of the best places to live in America. Speaking of driving, our plates are awesome. Live free or die. It doesn't get much better than that.

There are some states on the east coast that are well developed, yes, with a decent municipal and social structure. Some of them are two words, the second of which may start with 'J'. Like any thriving metropolis, the cities are filled with douchebag cops that drive smartcars so they can't compensate for their small man syndrome with a V8 Crown Vic (NH still rocks the Vic). We do, of course, have more than our fair share of douchebags. Most, while obnoxious, will actually listen when you say, "I don't consent to a search" or "I'm observing". They know the law and they know their boundaries. If we're better than anyone, we don't go around broadcasting it.

We have more wilderness than we know what to do with. In fact, we have so much, some is still unincorporated. Meaning, not recognized by the state. That's what I like to call a "1984 contingency". And it looks like we're gonna need it.

The fact of the matter is, every state has it's flaws. New York has its water. Massachusetts has its taxes, Jersey has its people. The only flaw in New Hampshire is all the republicans, which is okay, because they're not the stupid hypocrite republicans. They're the ones that keep their guns loaded and their mouths shut.
New Hamphire Victim: Hello? Police? I just shot an intruder in my home.

Dispatch: Where do you live, sir?

New Hampshire Victim: 21 Broo - *BANG*

Cop: ...you just shot him again, didn't you?

New Hampshire Victim: He moved.
by NRA Forever December 26, 2008
My home state... the one no one ever remembers, and might be left off the maps entirely if we weren't the first state in the primary elections. I'm movin to northern cali when I'm older. if you want some nice peacefulness ya kno besides all the people on quads and dirtbikes then come here.
Huh? What the hell is this New Hampshire you speak of?
by Eric Dion September 16, 2003
New Hampshire is a socially maladjusted state that lacks diversity but has opportunity for the educated,priviliged and hard working.It takes a lot of work to make it here if you dont have this.If you dont work very hard,have a degree, sell yourself out,come from a successful family or get very lucky you probably will not go anywhere here.If you like to work hard, there is opportunity here.This isnt for wimps who like mooching the system but it does happen mostly in Nashua and Manchester.Thats why these cities have the most problems.Also some of the border towns like salem and hudson are not the best places to live and raise a family due to the constant transitional influx from mass that deteriotates the quality of living and causes crime but it does help the economy, a catch 22.People do tend to drink a lot here though and not always take the best care of themselves,probably due to stress and pressure of working and the cold winters.
Live free and work hard or get out.
The crime and unemployment are low in New Hampshire for a reason, its called WORK.
by The big V January 29, 2008
New Hampshire isn't really a bad place, but it's not exactly the best place either... If you like hiking, fishing, etc. you'll find a lot to do if you go up north. If you go to Southern NH, or you're not an outdoorsy person, you'll be bored to death. Despite what everybody seems to think, the state is not full of hicks. There are some of course, but for the most part we're pretty open-minded. The public schools suck, and so do the overrated private schools.
New Hampshire isn't terrible if you like nature, cheap shopping, and you want to homeschool your kids.
by Jules in September 02, 2005
The state i live in, nothing else to say about it. we have days where it's 140 during the day and 35 at night. We actually dont care about anyone else and we can do whatever the hell we want and no one else will care because no one pays any attention to us. if it wasnt for manchester airport (to get out of the hellhole aka logan airport in boston) and the speedway for the nascar races this state wouldnt even show us on a classroom map.
i live in new hampshire. Oh so how do you like our country?
by andyd18213238 February 14, 2005
One of the five most useless States, up there with Idaho and Nebraska.

This State is composed of the same mix of rich suburbs and small towns as most New England States but without the things that make them interesting : the cool liberal lifestyle of Vermont, coasts of Maine, and ... cities. Nashua and Manchester are really big towns.

Most things people in NH are proud of are either better in Massachusetts or actually in Massachusetts. Should this southern neighbour dissapear, New Hampshire would probably beg for (and be denied) entry into Canada, as its autonomy in most sectors (major seaport, industry, services, agriculture, and culture) is simply nonexistent.
Its main export is middle-aged white people who play golf.

Indeed, New Hampshire has the ethnic composition of a northwestern State (99% white) and its diversity is concentrated in 8 streets, 5 of them in suburban Manchester. Blacks and Latinos will be checked for drugs and guns every couple of miles on the (only) highway (worth mentioning), just to be sure.
The fact that many residents want it to stay that way should bring ample proof that this State is going nowhere.

To be fair, NH has its good sides, especially for retired middle class people looking for an affordable house or a vacation spot : nice nature, absolute lack of danger and noise, and polite people. Amazingly, the existence of Florida has saved this place from its natural role as the Northeast's giant retirement home.
Kid 1 : Oh no, my parents are taking me to Indiana again this summer.
Kid 2 : Don't complain. Mine are taking me to New Hampshire.
Kid : Thanks, I feel ... better.
by DocDrax August 01, 2011
A politically-correct alternative to No Homo. It is meant to be used when you're out in public so homothugs don't attack you.
I'm a really big fan of Robin Thicke. New Hampshire.
by Marvin Mangiz February 23, 2009
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