All the teenagers in New Canaan need to find a real place to hang out, besides that run down variety store, Mackenzies. People in New Canaan would never stoop down to being NORMAL and go hang out at the Mobil directly across the street like most teenagers do. No, they need to stand outside a variety store in their pink and green outfits (that don't match, i don't care what anyone says) and act like total asswipes.
Its actually kind of funny to those of us who don't live in the "most dangerous place to drive" in the world. Beware of moms in SUVs that don't know how to drive... they are all over the place in New Canaan. Oh, and make sure you don't hit some moron walking in the middle of the road. People in New Canaan are to good for crosswalks.
I live in New Canaan, therefore, i suck and my clothes don't match and always look wrinkled.
by Torri March 05, 2006
ways we can tell that "Punk" is from Norwalk...
1. This person can't spell words like "fund raisers" or "benefit"
2."Punk" has to make fun of the fact that our homes our expensive. But he did'nt mention that our home are about 6 times the size of his house.

So "Punk" why dont you log off your windows 95 computer, and come over to my 3 million dollar house and pull my fucking weeds, you poor piece of shit.
Kids from Norwalk should be banned from using this site.
by Brendan Mceneany April 13, 2005
City of the rich spoiled children, not the real world, not the real life, don't even try to speak with one of them, they won't even look at you...Know these two spoiled, fucking hot girls ? Nickname : the B... And the D... One of them is French (the B...), kind of rich spoiled over confident girl but REALLY fucking hot...I'm sure Teddy knows her...What's life for B and D (= M...and L...)? Hot week- ends in L.A ( Beverly Hills, of course ),hanging out in the hottest clubs, getting drunked, spending money, LOT OF money, attending the most private and selective universities in the country and OF COURSE, most expensive ones, wearing expensive clothes, driving expensive cars, getting drives in luxury limos, driving ALL men crazy in love with them ( once again, the French one is REALLY hot, she doesn't even look at me...I'm so mad and so jealous...Mike, I hate you, I'm sure you're f... her). Anyway, if you wanna see them and if you get lucky, they are sometimes hanging out in New Canaan ( or they stay in L. huge Mansion )...when they are not in L.A, N.Y.C or Palm Springs...They just have all, money, beauty, Ivy League colleges, they just have the life we're all dreaming of...
New Canaan = East Coast 90210 = all Republicans
by Coke'n May 16, 2007
Charlay Johnson spanks his hog way too much! 8=====> MYESS :)
yay charlay (^) (^) yay charlay you look like wubbert bwoshzio
by J. Rooker April 05, 2005
Home to the private school St. Luke's School: the biggest drug/ alcohol associated school in the country. People from all over lower CT (and even NY) attend SLS and play many sports/arts, take hard ass courses, and get high and drunk as much as they can...and then some. Home to the fighting Crusaders.
"Dude, another St. Luke's School student got thrown out for being drunk in school!"
by Ja.Co April 04, 2005
First off, i would just like to say that if you think about it, Candace is pritty hot, i love her ways, i love her hair. also, i made out with Grumbles, a homosexual graduated faget one night in town, CANDACE_CALL ME!!!!
"Candace, you want to hang out"
"Is this Ryan Shea"
"yeah, every other boys thinks im ugly, SURE!"
by Ryan Shea April 18, 2005
Interestingly enough, the rest of the grade takes the afforementioned phrases (i.e. "soo funny", "don't know what to do with myself"), repeats them, and pawns them off as their own. Apparently people are nice to them in person, then retreat to to anonymously make fun of them.
only gang I roll with is the crips son
by brian April 04, 2005
A place in Fairfield County that sucks at sports
Man, I wish I lived in Dairen, New Canaan sucks at sports!
by wkr September 22, 2007

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