I've read every definition on my Home Town in here, and I personally think this is all a whole load of bullshit. I've had a great 13 years in NC, and i'm excited to spend my 14th and final year there. It's a town where if you call someone on a friday night, you'll probably find a whole truckload of alcohol sitting somewhere, but no house to have a party in. If you go to a dance, you'll probably find a few kids in the back of the school, in the x-pit smoking it up or the occasional coke-head in their cars snorting some of the hot white stuff.
For those of you who said it wasn't reality? You've got a lot to learn-it's much more real than anyone gives it credit for. The things you're going through here, the bullshit drugs and alcohol, the drama about your best friend hooking-up with your girlfriend, the multi-billionaire telling you you're worthless and that you'll never go anywhere in life-this is all shit that's going to happen to you in the future, i'll bet my trust-fund on it.
And there's no fucking way that the Spread shit is gonig to stop, candace is going to be made fun of for the rest of her life cause she's an ugly bitch, the gang is too fucking loud, The Fellowship and The Brotherhood are amazing, PEZ is the best candy ever created because the Pezident's son goes to our school, and we have more money than GOD. All that, though, comes with a whole lot of bullshit problems. It's lonely at the top, so don't patronize or belittle our lives cause i bet this kid here in a fucking polo shirt, wearing 500 dollar rugby shoes, with a rugby wallet, vineyard vines belt, tommy pants, polo socks, boathouse jacket, driving a 40,000 dollar car could fuck up anyone who's reading this, so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
Oh, and as much as we hate Darien, they're our peers and outside of sports, there's no one i'd rather hnng out with than a D-bagger.
What do you get when you mess with the rams?!?!?!
The Horns The Horns
Haiiil NC (Hail NC) Haiiil NC (Hail NC) Haiiil Staples (HELL NO)
New Canaan is amazing
by Build Me Up Buttercup December 27, 2005
stupidest fucking town on the face of this earth
full of a bunch of faggot ass rich kids who think they are better then everyone and only talk shit about each other
BEAT WILTON? - a saying the "cool kids" use to try and prove they are bigger alcoholics than fucking wilton...GREAT FUCKING GOAL IN LIFE, GIVE UP YOU FAGGOTS,I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN ACHIEVE IT!
omg urban dictionary wow something to do with our waste-of-time lives beside sit around and get high and drunk!!! YAY
(JK party at my house later...call my cell)
by nick discala April 13, 2005
Also home to the "risque" club, a group of kids that stand there and go, "how RISQUE am I" and making secret gestures. The phrase was started by the class of 2007 as freshman. They think that they are the coolest kids in the world because they can say that word and no one else can unless they are in the group, and if you do and you arent in the group then you are a huge fag. Basically, its the "n" word of New Canaan.
"Uh! Risque! How Risque am I!!!"
"Blos youre such a fag dont say that"
by Anonymous April 04, 2005
A town in fairfield county. Think greenwich, take away the cool people, add hot prude bleached blond girls, add the gay "drama" from the OC, and u get new canaan.
new canaan trys too hard
by greenwich is better April 19, 2005
home to alll the rams who wish they were d-baggers.
d- baggers stink!!!!!!!!!!1
by Karl April 05, 2005
not very known even by towns bordering it such as norwalk, wich is probobly good for them. filled with stuck up adults, or adults who play beirut, not beer pong, along side their children. a shitty house right on south avenue with no proptery will sell for 4 million, like it was a great deal. the adults go to many coctail parties and fund raises, were they say they are suporters, yet it is really a compatition with the woman about who looks more anerexic. the teenagers cant wait to get out, and have nothing better to do then spend their parents money on drugs and alcohol, wich is to our benafit. if you arent a collor popper, you arent aproved of by many adults of the comunuity, thats a reasong why you will see alot of black in this town. be prepared to b bored out of your mind in this town!
new canaan and its people suck
by punk April 12, 2005
new canaan is a loser town that is full of loser people. they suck at sports and every other town in ct is better
someone who lives in new canaan: "i am wierd"
by new canaan May 05, 2005
new canaan blows nuts. dairen is way cooler. THE HANGING
We kill u in sports.
by D-Bagers April 07, 2005

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