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New Canaan is most certainly the king of rich white people towns, we are mostly comprised of all these rich white folks who have a litter of children and own many new cars and could care less how much that extra day in the Caribbean will cost them. However there is a minority of not so wealthy (in New Canaan standards) people who take up the many smaller houses that when sold will be knocked down and a small mansion will be built on that one lot. New Canaan soccer moms may be the worst in the country for example: 1. they can’t drive the big SUV’s there husbands buy them
2. They are constantly on their cell phones
3. Any kid who is seen in town on a Friday after noon not in a preppy shirt is immediately considered a "wasted youth" or "derelicts"(that’s a trouble maker for all you illiterate d-baggers). The kids in New Canaan are mostly preppy but there is also the slackers who don’t really care and cant wait to leave this town then there is also the kids who wear black and pretend to be punks or something but face it its New Canaan that can't happen no matter how bad you're house is compared to others in NC no matter what you're situation is now it doesn’t matter its New Canaan u don’t have the foggiest idea what it would be like if u lived in others less wealthy towns(unless you have moved here from a less wealthy town were you were the cream of the crop and now are bottom of the barrel),A large chunk of the kids in this town have an inferiority complex and have a constant need to remind people they are better than them and that they have more money and such things but most others are not that they are content with just trying to be normal and not being a rich snob, As mentioned in other definitions kids in this town consume vast quantities of drugs and alcohol which to many adults goes unseen and unheard of and the cops are just as unaware. The cops can bust you for something as little as riding a bike on the sidewalk and still let many things of greater importance to pass by them, The cops in this town are kind of a joke I mean a couple of months ago some guy reported a steak missing from his grill and the cops took the time to try to track this bandit down there’s really not much crime in this town other than D.U.I's and drug busts which both are curtsey of the "troubled youth" in New Canaan .But in the midst’s of all this fakeness and soccer moms there are a few exceptional people who you would never guess would come from this town of shallow pricks these people are:
1. Mr.Anderson & offspring
2. Al g
3. Corey
4. Pat Murphy
5. Andrew
I’m not saying that their aren’t other cool people in New Canaan but these are the ones that don’t really seem like they live in New Canaan or grew up here. Any of u skeptical people out there come and live here for a while and you will understand this is my opinion of the town as I see it in my daily life so that’s pretty much it.
All the people in New Canaan should read this and *think*
by *Think* April 13, 2005
new canaan is a town of rich preppy bitches who think they're the shit because they have money. i live in new canaan and my whole life ive just wanted to leave there. the girls dress in abercrombie and juicy couture walking around with high wasted skirts, while the boys try to be black although less than 1% of new canaan is actually black. they have no idea what the real world is and is scared to go to stamford. the moms are all hot because its all botox and fake blonde hair, always going for manis and pedis with thier children starting at 4 years old. most of nc moms dont work and if they do its in real estate which isnt even a real job..they just do it to say they work. they spoil their kids and buy them range rovers whhen they turn 16. in one word new canaan is full of homos.
my fucking life in new canaan
by hatencforeverrrr September 05, 2010
A stuck-up preppy town that is loaded with cash located in conneticut. On Friday’s after school, kids walk into town, crowd around Mackenzie’s and smoke pot, show off, and get drunk. The town has no clue what poverty is, and whenever they have fund-raisers for the homeless, some crack-dealer kids steal the friggin money and buy cigarettes. The mother’s have no clue how to drive what so ever and once in a while, they run over a poor bulimic runner in a rush to get their nails done. And sports aren’t for fun here, they’re for competition. Everyone is on a sport team, and if you aren’t on one, you are considered a gay loser. Aren’t kids nice here? All of the girls obsess about how they look and mostly spend time in the bathroom making sure their hair is perfect. Yeah, I almost became one of those, but I’m not. I’m also not emo, either, which are the only two classifications in New Canaan. And there are the butt-kissers, too, but they have no life. People in New Canaan have more then one house and brag to everyone about their money. And most of the time the parents are sitting around drinking wine while their kids run off and smoke.
On the last day of school, two stupid seventh graders got in a fight and were arressted, a kid stuck his foot in a window at B&R, and everyone wears really tight clothes. Great for New Canaan!
tori spelling, stop writing about the gang, everyone gets it, they're loud, if they piss you off go talk to them in person.
omg the gang was so loud today im gonna go home and write about it on urbandictionary.com
by a junior April 27, 2005
Home of the "Gang", a group of Juniors who feel the need to talk so loud that the entire lounge hears. While speaking to their friend who is 2 feet away from them, they tend to shout and look around the lounge to make sure people are looking at them and to see who is listening. Most of time people are looking, only not out of envy, which they think people are, but more-so thinking to themselves "would they please shut up?". They also feel the need to shout about their drunken/coke-infested/high weekends, thinking that no one else does these "rebellious" things. Well, we're all laughing sooooo hard right now! We <3 the gang!
"OMG do you remember falling off the chair when you were SO DRUNK on friday?!"
"ahaha no, i fell off the chair?!?" (this all being 2 feet away from each other, shouting, so everyone else hears)
by tori spelling!!! April 24, 2005
New Canaan is one of the richest towns in America but the people there can't get over themselves. Being one of the few people in New Canaan who doesn't have 6 houses and multiple Bently's, I can laugh at the comedic antics of my classmates and people in the town in general. In New Canaan, people try to be badass by skipping class and listining to rap. Well look in the damn mirror everyone in this town is friggin white. As for sports, if you dont play baseball (best sport) or lacrosse (stupid) you are considered an outcast or faggot. But in New Canaan, talent has nothing to do with sports. You will only get playing time if your parents are friends with the director of your sports, or politics. I am one of the few who suffer from Parental-Commisioner-Enemy-Syndrome, or PCES. All of the others who suffer from PCES share my synical veiw on my disgraseful town, but at least we are better then the D-Baggers
New Canaan is not where you should move. Waste your money somewhere else. Seriously.
by newcanaanbaseball July 10, 2008
A suburban town that lies outside of NYC. You will be able to spot at least 10 suburbans within in your first five minutes of being there. If your house isn't 3,000 square or more....you are considered "poor". Boys thinks their b.a. by swearing and wearing 100 dollars nike shirts, shorts, and sneakers. Girl only have half their brain. 99% of the mom's....an 1/8 of their brains. and dads are pretty much nonexistent because they are always working in nyc.
I just moved to New Canaan...

Awww..... I feel so bad for you!
by jbfalcons24 March 09, 2010
ways we can tell that "Punk" is from Norwalk...
1. This person can't spell words like "fund raisers" or "benefit"
2."Punk" has to make fun of the fact that our homes our expensive. But he did'nt mention that our home are about 6 times the size of his house.

So "Punk" why dont you log off your windows 95 computer, and come over to my 3 million dollar house and pull my fucking weeds, you poor piece of shit.
Kids from Norwalk should be banned from using this site.
by Brendan Mceneany April 13, 2005