New Canaan is most certainly the king of rich white people towns, we are mostly comprised of all these rich white folks who have a litter of children and own many new cars and could care less how much that extra day in the Caribbean will cost them. However there is a minority of not so wealthy (in New Canaan standards) people who take up the many smaller houses that when sold will be knocked down and a small mansion will be built on that one lot. New Canaan soccer moms may be the worst in the country for example: 1. they can’t drive the big SUV’s there husbands buy them
2. They are constantly on their cell phones
3. Any kid who is seen in town on a Friday after noon not in a preppy shirt is immediately considered a "wasted youth" or "derelicts"(that’s a trouble maker for all you illiterate d-baggers). The kids in New Canaan are mostly preppy but there is also the slackers who don’t really care and cant wait to leave this town then there is also the kids who wear black and pretend to be punks or something but face it its New Canaan that can't happen no matter how bad you're house is compared to others in NC no matter what you're situation is now it doesn’t matter its New Canaan u don’t have the foggiest idea what it would be like if u lived in others less wealthy towns(unless you have moved here from a less wealthy town were you were the cream of the crop and now are bottom of the barrel),A large chunk of the kids in this town have an inferiority complex and have a constant need to remind people they are better than them and that they have more money and such things but most others are not that they are content with just trying to be normal and not being a rich snob, As mentioned in other definitions kids in this town consume vast quantities of drugs and alcohol which to many adults goes unseen and unheard of and the cops are just as unaware. The cops can bust you for something as little as riding a bike on the sidewalk and still let many things of greater importance to pass by them, The cops in this town are kind of a joke I mean a couple of months ago some guy reported a steak missing from his grill and the cops took the time to try to track this bandit down there’s really not much crime in this town other than D.U.I's and drug busts which both are curtsey of the "troubled youth" in New Canaan .But in the midst’s of all this fakeness and soccer moms there are a few exceptional people who you would never guess would come from this town of shallow pricks these people are:
1. Mr.Anderson & offspring
2. Al g
3. Corey
4. Pat Murphy
5. Andrew
I’m not saying that their aren’t other cool people in New Canaan but these are the ones that don’t really seem like they live in New Canaan or grew up here. Any of u skeptical people out there come and live here for a while and you will understand this is my opinion of the town as I see it in my daily life so that’s pretty much it.
All the people in New Canaan should read this and *think*
by *Think* April 13, 2005
Home of the biggest fucking tool in the world the one and only Teddy Montanus. Being the cockiest bitch ever Teddy prides himself off being "the fucking man". Thinks he gets with lots of girls but they are all atrocious dog faced bitches. Cant get hot girls because of his miniscule penis. Lets face it, hes a huge homo and the world woudl be better without him
Teddy leave New Canaan and don't ever return you giant homo
I hate all of the crap people are saying about New Canaan. It is a great town with great people, and nobody should judge it. Not everyone's preppy, people arn't fake, and people DO NOT sell drugs. Also, i know plenty of people who havn't heard of the OC. There isn't even any real drama. Don't judge if you don't live there! Also, New Canaan Country School happens to be a very educational school, and isn't at all as bad as everyone thinks it to be. It has great teachers, faculty and students. Whoever is talking shit about New Canaan, it's got to stop. You guys are all a bunch of jealous, stereotypical freaks that make New Canaan people feel bad so you can actually have a life, which will never happen.
New Canaan Rocks, and you better know that!
by CC:-) September 11, 2006
Probaly the town that uses this stupid website the most.
"So you live on 48 Inches Avenue in New Canaan?"
by Spirit What? Spirit Who? April 05, 2005
Town containing such memos like this

1. People who go on this site and think there big shots are queers

2. People who try to impersonate other people from New Canaan should learn to spell there names correctly (im pretty sure brendan mceneaney knows how to spell his own name)

3. People who go on here and make fun of a town that they live in for being too "white and preppy" are the biggest live in NC and as much degenerate as you think you are you couldnt survive in the "real world" as much as the next person so stop trying to act all poor and be grateful for what you have

Truth is New Canaan is as diverse as a KKK conference....the people who go on this site are 75 percent losers who cant confront people so they have to complain about there lives and they have to call out people on pitiful
"Yo you couldn't survive in the real world man like me your rich preppy crap"

"Oh shutup you live in New Canaan 2 your in the same boat im in, if you think your so "real" lets stick your ass in harlem for a day or 2 and see how "real" you wanna be after that"
by Will everyone shut the hell up April 15, 2005
A small, wealthy town that in a million times better than their neighboring town of Darian. Basically, Darian has the worst reputation of being the snoobiest town in all of the United States. Darian teens like to make fun of them only because they have nothing better to do besides sucking at every sport from Soccer to Football. Anyways, New Canaan has a much better Crew and Football team than Darian. And to the Deffinition of "Formally DBagger is sufficiently incorrect.
"I saw a huge mansion being built in New Canaan"
by GO RAMS November 25, 2007
Home to the utterly fabulous New Canaan Country School..... don’t worry that was a joke. They just think they’re cool because of those jackets saying “Mary, varsity everything because we can afford for private lessons in all sports ever created”. New Canaan is basically a civilization that thrives on Lacoste Polos and Lilly Pulitzer cocktail dresses. Throw in a couple bottles of really nice wine, probably from their privates vineyards in Napa Valley or something share of one valuing over $2 million dollars. Of course there is also the lovely town. Ah town, a peaceful place, except when all the Saxe kids and NCHS freshman get out and raid the streets, locating themselves mostly in front of Mackenzie’s. Chewing gum and drinking root beer, pay close attention to the root part, thinking 'wow we are bad, we just stole a gummi worm from the jar'. New Canaan mothers spend their mornings getting mani-pedis and the afternoons driving their children from one soccer team to another. A cocktail party and night then off to bed in their master bedroom the size of most apartments.
Fake, becuase they have all been botoxed.
by Bilbo Baggins April 07, 2005
I lived in New Canaan for 4 years.
It really sucks because if you don't have money or you're really ugly you are pretty much worthless. Sports are like oxygen to these people- well only sports that bring home championship titles, the other ones are treated like shit. Everyone has pretty much grown up together and everyone knows everyone. If you're really unfortunate looking, you can buy your friendship with cars, clothes, booze, ect. And drugs are pretty big. Not as big as Ridgefield though. Nearly everyone drinks, many people smoke weed, and some people do coke or oxycontin or whatever. The police are all itching to search teenagers because they are just as bored. Mainly people either hate New Canaan or like it. I'm indifferent because the people are mostly very nice, just not to those that are unattractive, lower middle class, or shy. Overall its a great family oriented place. Once you're older though, there's absolutely nothing to do except drink yourself into oblivion.
New canaan is a nice place to live if you are attractive and wealthy.
by AnotherRandomPerson August 05, 2011
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