A city (not a county) in New Jersey that is located off Exit 9 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Home of Rutgers University, it receives little attention for being the midway point between New York and Philadelphia, but his home to the locally famous grease trucks which have perfected putting an entire meal on one sandwich.
On the way from Philly to New York, I stopped in New Brunswick for a "fat bitch" cause I was starving.
by Eagles Fan In Tampa December 11, 2003
One of the mostly known cities in Central Jersey, New Brunswick is located within Middlesex County, surrounded on all four sides by Highland Park, East Brunswick, North Brunswick, and Franklin. New Brunswick is probably most known to be where Rutgers University and the famous "grease trucks" are located. Most of the people who live in New Brunswick are either black or hispanic, with specks of other ethnicites. Over the past couple of years, housing has inproved considerable due to the construction of many new housing complexes. Also, crime within New Brunswick has decreased dramatically over the years. The main street infamous for drug activity is Remsen Ave.
Yo, let's go down to the Jamaican place on Remsen to get some herb.
by SDotJohn June 02, 2005
A place in central Jersey where gay dudes give out free blow and people vomit all over houses. It is commonplace to fall asleep in an all-night diner at around dawn while visiting New Brunswick. New Brunswick also fosters the world's most unattractive female population. New Brunswick is an even worse place to be than Wilkes-Barre, PA. However, gay men in New Brunswick are always very willing to pay your train fares home if you are unfortunate enough to be stranded there. New Brunswick is not just the armpit of the armpit of America, though; New Brunswick can be used to describe a generally surreal or just plain shitty state of mind. There is a 65% percent chance you will meet an Eskimo Brother of yours in New Brunswick.
Me: "Hey man that gay dude just gave me free coke!"
Friend: "DUH! We're obviously in New Brunswick, bro!"

"Oh fuck, I don't have enough money to take the train back to Philly. Good thing that gay kid sleeping in the back of that SUV gave me 40 bux!"

"Yo man these girls are so trashy. Are we in New Brunswick?"

"Holy fuck! When that homo whipped out that bag of coke it got really New Bruns in here, bro!"

(referring to some place strangely surreal, scummy or trashy) "Are we in New Brunswick, bro?"
by F NewBruns 11 January 16, 2011
A New Brunswick is when you are getting head by a blonde and apon ejaculating in her face you punch her in the nose an wipe the blood and cum up with her hair.(Don't forget to tip her)
I think I'm going to break up with my girl and pay hookers so I can give them New Brunswicks
by josh trott August 24, 2008
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