a group of gay faggots that get horny walking backwards. it has been known that "ur a jerk" was recoreded while they were having raging butt sex. new boyz are the 2 most gayest rappers of all time.
all i have to say is new boyz r faggots
by luishrtd November 29, 2009
Top Definition
Not one definition on this duo has been right so far. The New Boyz, consisting of Legacy and Ben J, or Dominic Thomas and Earl Benjamin, are an R&B and jerkin' duo who released their freshman album "Skinny Jeans and a Mic" on September 15, 2009. Hate it or love it, they helped spread the word on the newly formed music genre known as jerkin', which is a mixture of hyphy rap and pop rap...

but they still lyrically do suck, so yeah. lolz
me: good luck with that...
by westcoasthiphop4lifefuckdaeast December 16, 2009
A word used to refer to two homosexual black males who sing.
"Hey look at those two black guys on stage, yup there are such newboyz"
by david quincy jones January 08, 2010
A two person group with two of the sexiest guys ever. Earl (Ben J) Benjamin and Dominic (Legacy) Thomas. Started off as rappers in a group with more people but they wanted to go solo so they formed a group. Legacy moved away and went to a new skool and when he came back, him and Ben J were talkin about how he was the new boy (they said this when they were on 106&park) and thats how they got there name. Made jerking a phenominon :)
Tie me down~ New Boyz
by cc96 May 26, 2010
<b> they made the most popular jerk song "you're a jerk"
two boys. one light skinned the other dark skinned. but they're both sooo freakin sexy man.
"you're a jerk"...I know"
"got your girl on my swag she lovin them jerkin songz like the new ipod just touch it and turn her on."
New Boyz
by bad red bone! June 09, 2009
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