Safest Western Nation in the world to live in.
with all the shit going on in the world today, sometimes i just wanna go live in New Zealand
by James_42 August 02, 2005
An alter-ego for Middle Earth, so that that all of those guys can fit in with us and no one will realize they are still using swords and running around with magic staffs.
Son: when I grow up, can I live in Middle earth, Daddy?

Father: Of course, it's called New Zealand, and it's right near Australia.
by Fuzzy-Wuzzy January 08, 2011
A country in the southern hemisphere.
Close to Australia, New zealand was once a colony of Australia but seperated much like America did to England.
They have a relative large amount of sheep and Have hot accents. Im Australian and i think that new zealanders are okay if they just STFU about us being all gay. WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU.
New Zealander: How bout we get some fesh and chups?
Aussie: nah mate I want a steak on the bbq!
by Sycomoron April 16, 2007
The bomb diggity... Home of L&P, V, the Buzzy Bee, Footrot Flats, Jandals, Pavlova, Tip Top ice cream, Fish and Chips, Maketu Pies, Swandris, Paua Shell jewellery, the Silver Fern, beautiful scenery, gazillions of Sheep, Peter Jackson, LOTR, and all the best sportspeople and musicians.

Because of this, a lot of jealous Aussie bastards have claimed 'ownership' of true-blue Kiwi icons, such as Uncle Pete and the Pav.
Aussie: "NZ sucks"
NZer: "What would you know, you kangaroo-fucking outback drongo"
by KeeWee January 10, 2005
woah... new zealand is a great country! heaps of aussies love new zealand i don't know why people think we hate new zealand i think it is a beautiful country. infact, i have actually never come accross a person in australia who has shown hatred towards nz. actually, more people in new zealand have a hatred towards australia because they think we have a hatred towards new zealand.

so chill out dude! you would be lucky to come accross someone who disliked nz. i think nz rocks.
Heaps of polls have been done about australias favourite country and heres one with the results:

New zealand (93%)
England (4%)
France (2%)
Japan (0.8%)
America (0.2%)
by sarah-3-2321 June 11, 2006
Land of beauty in the South Pacific next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ is shit, and lay lots of it on NZ because they don't really know anything about it. I hope they're not all like that as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn awesome.
Aussie: "NZ is crap"
2nd Aussie: "Oath."
Aussie: "No there's lots of Aussies who are with me on this one."
by flightguy August 19, 2005
A land of beauty in the South Pacific. New Zealand is without an army but it does not need one for they are not pissing off everyone with their arrogance. It's people are generally more laid back than Aussies although they are pretty laid back also most of the time. One more thing New Zealand is still to get over it's cultural cringe which is causing this "hatred" towards Australians.
New Zealand is still beautiful.
by flightguy May 02, 2005

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