A naturally blessed country in the south seas next to Australia. There are some Australians who think NZ's not worth a pinch of shit, and lay lots of it on NZ because they don't know any better. I hope there are only a minority of Australians who feel like this, as in all honesty NZ is pretty damn awesome. Also, many Kiwis tend to hate Australia because they think Australians dislike NZ. Hopefully it isn't too widespread.
Aussie 1: New Zealand's not worth a pinch of shit!

Aussie 2: Oath

Aussie 1: No there's lots of Aussies who think that.
#ignorance #worth #pinch #shit #widespread
by Paul Ward December 12, 2006
Ahem, I do believe that New Zealand is growing up and a very very worthy friend to Australia and always has been and therefore is worthy of respect. My version goes like this. A few people in New Zealand do tend to be juvenile towards Australia, however, some Australians tend to respond to that (or start it) by being arrogant. That aside, New Zealand has provided a great deal of assistance to Australia with regards to East Timor, Solomon Islands, etc. and therefore, neither patronising attitudes, nor a chip on the shoulder will not help. It has taken time, but New Zealand is growing up, hopefully encouraged to do so by many Australians, instead of being thought of as a child.
Australian 1: Instead of wanting to be isolationist and juvenile, New Zealand is growing up.

Australian 2: Come again?

Australian 1: East Timor, Solomon Islands, it was just that lack of confidence that held them back.

Australian 2: Oh right, well that's good to hear, I was wondering when NZ would grow the fuck up.
#maturity #confidence #grow #attitude #juvenile
by Paul Ward August 08, 2006
New Zealand is awesome. We have lots of sheep in our country, more sheep than people, but this does not mean we fuck our sheep. That's like saying 'australians fuck their kangaroos'. Australians, may I add, think they are better than us because their country is ten times bigger than us. (I will leave the rest to you intelligent non-new zealanders to figure out)
New Zealand is home to the first person in the world to climb Mt. Everest, has a great tourism industry, as it is full of beautiful rolling green hills, as well as lovely forest filled with amazing native birds such as the kiwi and the tui, the air is really clean unlike some big cities in the USA and Australia which are filled with smog, also because it is small where ever you live you never are more than a two hours drive away from the ocean, and it also has a mountain ranges in the north and south island which are great for snow-sports in the winter. Of course the list goes on, but I would be typing for ever if I was to list all the reason why New Zealand is so brilliant. Of course it can be a bit chilly at times, but hey, only weaklings (and Australians) can't handle the cold. Toughen up.
tourist 1: so why are you guys in New Zealand?

tourist 2: I've been sitting in the beautiful natural hot springs in rotorua.

tourist 3: i've been carving up the mountain bro

tourist 4 (australian): *shiver* i'm fuckn cold my flips flops and shorts shorts are to cold. i need about seeex more layers, i'm not tough enough for this beautiful place
#new zealand #maori #sheep #aotearoa #beautiful
by kiwigirl September 19, 2006
a pretty cool country or so i hear near my country australia. Why does everyone from nz and usa on this site have 2 be so mean 2 us?! I think the kiwi accent is cool. A lot of people here say that kiwis fuck sheep but we also say that tasmania is the land of the inbreds and thats part of our own country so it's not like we take it that seriously. Whoever was bragging about peter jackson being from nz peter jackson is a bit of a scrubbo but he's a cool one so we'll give u him and russell crowe but russell crowe is just plain weird. I don't have anything against any country i just get angry at all the people who attack everyone elses countries wen they really don't know anything about it. Like america got a raw deal and people aren't too nice to us aussies either we aren't racist!!
New zealand is cool ANZAC for life!!
by anonymous January 19, 2005
A country made up of two large islands located in the South Pacific. The only question is: Where is the old Zealand?
"I love New Zealand!"
by star8706 September 27, 2003
An alter-ego for Middle Earth, so that that all of those guys can fit in with us and no one will realize they are still using swords and running around with magic staffs.
Son: when I grow up, can I live in Middle earth, Daddy?

Father: Of course, it's called New Zealand, and it's right near Australia.
#middle earth #new zealand #lord of the rings #lotr #oceania
by Fuzzy-Wuzzy January 08, 2011
A country in the southern hemisphere.
Close to Australia, New zealand was once a colony of Australia but seperated much like America did to England.
They have a relative large amount of sheep and Have hot accents. Im Australian and i think that new zealanders are okay if they just STFU about us being all gay. WE ARE JUST LIKE YOU.
New Zealander: How bout we get some fesh and chups?
Aussie: nah mate I want a steak on the bbq!
#aussie #nz #new #poo #bbq
by Sycomoron April 16, 2007
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