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Poster of # 53 how old are you five or something? That aside, NZ is still an awesome country, very similar to Canada:


Large concentration of Scottish migrants in Otago (Nova Scotia for Canada)

A Big brother country next door, called Australia (US for Canada). Australia has been very influential in New Zealand life and history why else do you think all the definitions here mention Australia, in much the same way the US has been a big influence on Canada, despite all that Australia and the US do love Canada and NZ a lot. This is becoming more realised in Canada and NZ and so that love and respect is increasingly returned.

Largest tower in the Northern/Southern Hemispheres. CN Tower for Toronto, Skytower for Auckland.

Neither of them joined in the Iraq fracas upsetting their respective big siblings at the time. However, they did both send troops to Afghanistan.

Conclusion of post.
New Zealand and Canada have a lot in common.
by Paul Ward July 05, 2007
A beautiful country full of mostly talented people who don't feel a need to go round kissing the yank president's arse like some Aussies do (feel sorry for the rest though) it's not actually in Europe though as is widely believed by some, sadly it is in close proximity to some ugly Australians. (We have ugly types here too don't worry) we are the first country to fly (Not USA halfwits) and the first to give women the vote and to climb Mt Everest.
New Zealanders who Australia can keep (absolutely)

Russell Crowe

Derryn Hinch

Ex Queensland Premier (Peterson)

Russell Crowe is in no way a New Zealander. He is just a disgrace and a typical example of the ugly Australian.

Time to do away with the sense of inferiority with Australia which some Australians have told me is unnesscessary. I think New Zealand can do it.
by God I love this planet March 23, 2006
Totally awesome country that I've visited many times even though I am an American citizen and didn't get dual-citizenship until last year. Fuck off all you stupid ass Aussies who think NZ is a load of shit cuz nobody here or there likes you either. Oh, and none of you dumbshits can imitate their accents, so just stop trying before you hurt yourself trying to think about it.
Aussie: NZ'ers suck
American/NZ citizen: Fuck you
Aussie: We're the shit so fuck yourself, we know every fucking thing about NZ and everything else too
American/NZ citizen: bullshit, you don't seem to know that everyone hates you! And that you'll never come close to knowing shit about anything NZ.
by Anna April 16, 2004
A gorgeous country full of talented people, who don't kiss USA ass like Aussies do. It's not actually in Europe, as is widely believed, sadly, it's in close proximity to Australia.

We are the first country to fly (NOT USA, RETARDS), to climb Mt Everest, and to give women the vote.
New Zealanders Who Australia Has Laid Claims To (Pathetic):

Keisha Castle-Hughes
Michael Campbell
Phar Lap
Split Enz
The Inventer of the Pavlova

by Tiffi August 30, 2005