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No doubt the most famous yacht club in the world, the NYYC was founded in 1844. The organization has two different clubhouses. One in Newport, Rhode Island, and the other in New York City. Consisting of the wealthiest of the wealthy, the club contains past and current members including JP Morgan, the Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Rockefellers, JFK, the Duponts, and the Bloombergs. "Harbour Court" the club house in Newport sits on the most expensive piece of real estate in RI, and the New York club house contains over 8 Million dollars worth of models. Members flock from the wealthiest towns in to country: Greenwich, the Hamptons, Nantucket, Rye, BI... To name a few.
Best place in the world. New York Yacht Club
by barbiedoll123 November 29, 2011

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