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A quickie in Central Park
"Let's have a quickie in the woods in the park. It'll only take a minute."
by REAL AMERICAN June 20, 2005
2 13
A Max Payne difficulty level
Pretty cool mode
by Red Hot Chili December 12, 2003
4 17
A fuxing hard difficulty setting o Max Payne.

You have 1 minute to finish the level, but you can gain seconds to your time by killing ans stuff.
">_< OMFG how the fuck am I supposed to run that fast to the fucking end of the fucking subway"
by RandyL December 08, 2003
4 18
N. A minute, a length of time that is observed in New York City. Does not differ from a regular minute.
A New York Minute is sixy seconds, just like in the rest of the world.
by Jarvy December 09, 2003
12 32