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WHen you take a dirty hooker home to get nasty with. you whip out your 10 inch dick and dont use a condom. make sure she is chained to the bed. Shit in her nostrols and piss in her mouth so she cannot breathe. Wait till she passes out and then you call a plumber.

The plumber unplugs her and then repeats the same action. SHe is still passed out/DEAD when you pick her up and have a 3some with her.

Next take her to New York City and throw her in a dumpster behind a McDonalds.

Now a few months later on the news you hear about a kid who had a dead hooker in his happy meal. YOUR WELCOME!
Yeah a few months ago me and a plumber gave her a New York Happy Meal
by 1stBlockIsFun March 23, 2011

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