The Most Overrated city in the U.S.
John:New York City has so much to offer!
Jack:Seattle is the same you Know?Minus the rude people though.
by Shiranui February 04, 2008
A large city in which its inhabitants are proud to be from but there are only three good things there the Yankees, the pizza, and the Giants. other than that its a dirty and unsanitary city. i would never want to live in New York even if they paid me.
Guy: Did you hear about New york City?
Guy: It sucks
by im correct and you know it February 04, 2011
The origin city of half the USA's actors, artists, musicians, fashions, and pizza.
Famous people from New York City:

Anne Bancroft
Norman Rockwell
Art Garfunkel
Lindsay Lohan
Billy Joel
Michael Jordan
50 Cent
Mel Brooks
Jerry Seinfeld
Donald Trump

The list goes on and on...
by Green Sharpie August 21, 2007
Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of, There's Nothing You Can't Do!

Copyright of Jay-Z
I REALLY want to go to New York City!
by blah-blah awesomeness January 24, 2011
The shittiest place to live. EVER.
Why the fuck would anyone want to live in New York City?
Quite simply, the shit.
new york city is the motherfuckin SHIT, yo.

(UD made me call it new york city. But no self-respecting new yorker calls it that. It's just New York)
by tbnyc November 01, 2008

"New York City is a massive pile of garbage on America's east coast, and is thankfully downwind to the rest of America's citizens. It is the only city in the country that prides itself on being over-priced, filthy, and rude to visitors, yet out-of-towners still show up in droves.

Citizens of New York City are generally douchebags. They rarely take pride in anything they've accomplished in life, but rather where their mother happened to shit them out. People who no longer live in NYC will tell you how great it is (in barely understandable English) even though you didn't ask and couldn't care less.

As of 9/11/2001, apparently EVERYONE in New York City and the surrounding cities, or even people who had a layover there once, narrowly averted death by changing their travel plans that day. They usually tell this to everyone within earshot to score sympathy.

In summation, New York City is to be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, Hollywood should stop making lame-ass movies and TV shows there, because we're all fucking sick of it.


Vinny: "I say Queens is the bestest burrough in New York City!"

Bob: "You live in Seattle now, retard. Nobody here gives a shit." "


New York City:
A World Class City, above all else in North America. It's really a joke when bitter, miserable Massholes (or people in other New England states blindly allying themsleves to them) poke fun at NY because of their own insecurities about their lame excuse for a city, Boston. Boston is not even 1/10 the city New York is population-wise, and not even 1% fun-wise. If this isn't enough fuya, which it never is for BloSux fans, read on. Some Massholes may even attempt to reason that Boston is a better city for families and visting... BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! Tell me how many people visit Boston... then tell me how many like it. It's only a good city if you like getting shit-faced with a bunch of miserable Bostonians during one of the city's bad sports teams performances. Before I end, the weather there, like the people, is always fucking cold and clammy.

I win. New York City wins.


See you in 2086 Red Sux, you SUCK!!!
Oh and remember its only april... enjoy it while it lasts.

Give it up Boston, you just suck and can't handle it!

FYI I am from Connecticut NOT New York and I am really fucking sick of hearing massholes bashing this great American city.
Bostonian: If I could kill any state it'd be New Yahk (New York City in Masshole Language)
Me: Listen if ya think "killin", or whateva ya mean by that, New Yawk will make Boston the best city, you're retarded... yud hafta kill the other 250 decent cities in our country ta do that.
Bostonian: Fuck you. Go Sox!!
Me: Just keep sayin that ya pile uh shit.
by Mark CT April 30, 2007
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