The city of dreams. Stereotypes are parcially true, yet not fully.
Not ALL New York City residents are douchebags.

The only douchebags there, are the ones in the business district 'cause they have to pay their rent. It's a job. Give them a break.
We do all drink coffee, We don't always enjoy the tourists.
And yeah, we do have pride in our city, well, don't you? We love where we live, and isn't that enough?

You like to talk about where YOU live right? Well we just happen to bring it up in almost every conversation about it.
If you know a TRUE new yorker, you'll know we're blunt, sometimes mean, but often extremely sweet, welcoming, and friendly. We keep to ourselves, and like to get things done, which means no 2-hour conversations at the grocery store while getting milk.

And for everyone who thinks Broadway, and theatre is gay, and the people are fake? They are the realest and most amazing people you will meet.
9/11 was a terrible day for America. People who are truly affected from the attack, and bring it up at the right time? GIVE THEM A BREAK. The people who DON'T live here usually bitch a moan about it like it's their job, so don't assume them to ACTUALLY LIVE HERE- People DON'T like to talk about it...
This place is amazing for those who love it. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Just don't knock it till you've actually been here, and stop calling us assholes, cause you guys are seriously disturbed.
New York City Pizza and bagels are THE best. They suck everywhere else, get over it.
sorry boston.
by Cityzen September 04, 2012
The greatest city in the world. Plain and simple.
Why move to los angeles. When you can move to new york city.
by sage thunder April 05, 2010
the place that always gets destroyed in pretty much every Marvel movie
New York City gets destroyed in the "Spider Man" (new and old) series and in the "Avengers" series.
by bootylicious10 February 09, 2015
Hmmm where to start...

Most played out city in America.

Used to be a cool, tough, blue collared type place, but now is overrun with hipster faggets thinking they're living a "real", "urban" life style by leaving their shithole town in Maine or Pennsylvania and going to New York with 8 of their fucking suburbinite beer pong buddies. They love pretending to be poor even though their parents are probably paying $1000000000 for their closet sized apartment in SoHo. Once they move there they think they have the rough city life figured out (even tho NYC is not real, or rough city anymore) and flaunt it in other places with true born n raised, hard working city people like Chicago, Philly or Atlanta.

Native New Yorker's try and hide this but everyone knows their city has gone fake and sissified, and that New Yorkers are bunch of pussies now. They fail to realize you're not tough when ur talking shit while wearing the latest in designer fashion, and while spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to live in a so-called new york "ghetto". White people spike their hair and wear skin tight clothes, black people skateboard, and "gangbangers" pay more money to stay in their "hood" than somebody in Philly or Chicago would for a real nice apartment in a good area. Yeah New York, real tough.
New York City used to be like a big version of Chicago, now it's a like big version of San Francisco, but natives are in denial.

Harlem native Cam'ron realizes how soft New York City has become, and is now representing Chicago and other Midwest areas on his new album for street cred.
by Radar for fake bitches. April 22, 2009
The biggest, most beautiful city on Earth. The heart and soul of the United States. 24 hours of pure, nonstop energy from Harlem to Battery Park.
New York City, the city that never sleeps
by lonely_traveler November 02, 2009
center of the UNIVERSE
forget the world, all the aliens wanna come to new york city!
by eeeeeeeep September 08, 2011
The Most Overrated city in the U.S.
John:New York City has so much to offer!
Jack:Seattle is the same you Know?Minus the rude people though.
by Shiranui February 04, 2008

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