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NVHS, located in Boulder, Colorado.

New Vista is a school in which their mascot is some ladies dead dog, and the only school dance it has is an all school prom. If you attend New Vista you are either really artsy, an anime nerd, or a total stoner thinking you can breeze through high school, as New Vista has coined the name the 'slacker school'. Since New Vista is so close to CU, The Hill, and the homeless shelter, often it is visited by drunk homeless men, or bored college students with nothing else to do then yell at 10th grade girls. While New Vista does not have many sports, we dominate at the ones we have, which include Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball. Our principal, Kirk Quitter, aka Captain Kirk/Don't be a quitter is kinda cool, I guess.

Warning: If you classify as a "bro", you surely will not fit in at New Vista.
Kirk: Its friday at New Vista High School, free cookies for everyone!
by lazyb0nes December 24, 2009
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