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A Marxist-Deleonist party in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They split from the main Socialist Labor Party of America, yet believe in same Deleonism. (no difference) The New Union Party used to be called the Farmer Labor Party. The FLP was a Marxist party before joining with the DFL. The FLP headquarters was in Chicago. It was controlled by the Workers Party of America in 1924. There is no mention of communist or marxist or deleonist or socialist on it's political website.
Person 1: Vote for Tom Dooley! He wants "Change"
Person 2: Dont' vote for DFL or New Union Party..not marxist!
Person1: But I want a Working democracy!
Person 2: Working democracies don't add to debt!

Person 1: doh! I eat sock!
by hellads May 13, 2010
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