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a broken down school. The sixth graders are very tiny for their grade. But there is something they must fear. There is a total fat ass Spanish teacher that takes your picture out of the yearbook if you piss her off. She is very. very ugly and is drastically mean. Even the playground is shitty. On the day after Halloween, the entire playground is trashed with garbage and toilet paper. The principal has absolutely no neck, and he's wide and small. If you are not telling the truth, the retarded principal asks you to step up, whatever the hell that is. There was a drug bust in that school with a ton of kids that got suspended. At new paltz middle school, all you see is a bunch of skinny midgets trying to get into the lunch line without another fat bitch yelling at them for cutting.
New Paltz Middle School, where fat ass smelly bitches and midgets galore
by Mundo Pop February 23, 2010

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