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The second installment of the Twilight Saga. In this book Bella faces fears pertaining her aging and the restraints she has while being human and dating a vampire. After a horrid incident during her 18th birthday celebration, Edward decides to break-up since he feels he is going to disrupt her future, since he brings danger to her life. She goes through a drastic depression and sleep disorders. Subsequently, making her father rather worried for her. Bella turns to Jacob for love and friendship and is well rewarded. He becomes her best friend in a short period of time, they were friends as children but never like this. Now, Bella is STILL heartbroken and hallucinates that Edward is there to protect her when she is near danger, she hears his voice very clearly. This becomes an addiction, and she tries to look for trouble on purpose just to hear him again. The story is much darker and there is more suspense and action involved since the wolf pack is introduced, and they are trying to catch Victoria (nomad vampire who wants to take her revenge on Bella for what Edward did to her mate).
1. " What is that you have on your hands?"
2. "This is the New Moon novel by Stephenie Meyer. I am going to give it back to the library. I enjoyed it while it lasted."
3. "I hear it was depressing and poorly written. It's amazing you're actually reading these're into adult fiction"
by ana Taina December 02, 2009
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