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a location on the map of the United States where plenty of murders occur.
"I'm from New Jerz where plenty of murders occur" says some angry person.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
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Home of chicken shackz, late nite diner spots, fast cars, flashy people, stolen car capital (Brick City) Newark!Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, Shaquille O'Neal, the Fugees,Joe Buddens, A-Team, 151 FevaGang, Whitney Houston, Redman, Bruce Springsteen, the Sopranos, n many more...

Gangs,Guns,& Stolen Cars U Seen New Jersey Drive!!!!

Also known as, Dirty Jersey, Dirty Jerz, New Jerusalem, New Jeruz, Jersey, Jerz, Jer-Z What eva u wanna call it!!!

O...I heard bout ya'll ova there in New Jerz, Ya'll sum wild boyz!!
by Denaro Da Don June 03, 2006
Not to be confused with south jerz
guy 1: man, that new jerz, talk about crazy smells, italian mobsters and new york giants, man!
guy 2 from South jerz: yea, no. wrong.
by badboys213 March 17, 2008
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