One of the richest and most educated states in this country. If you can't drive, then get the Hell out, because most of us don't have that kind of patience. The only place that really "smells", like the stereotypes say, is Newark, personally. Has some of the best and biggest malls around, and is home to Jay and Silent Bob.

If you ask someone from Jersey if they're from "Joisey", you deserve a punch in the face.

See also Awesomeness.
I've been to New York, Pennsylvania, and many states of the South(Currently living in Florida.), and I gotta tell ya... JERSEY KICKS ALL THEIR ASSES!!!
by New Jersey Devil July 28, 2005
To all you New Yorkers and Pennsylvanians who claim everyone from New Jersy is stupid:

New Jersey is ranked fourth in a survey conducted to determine the smartest state (based on high school graduation rates and various other factors). New York placed sixth.
Pennsylvania you're not too far behind at number nine.
(In case you're wondering which state ranked first; Massachusettes)

Suck on that one, Grasshopper.
Dad: Oh, so you're from New Jersey aye? I would be honored if you'd plant your seed in my daughter.
Guy from Jersey: I already have. But thanks for the go ahead.
by Dictator For Life August 16, 2005

(see shithole)
Wow, this shithole reminds me of New Jersey!
by Foznots November 01, 2009
My Home state. If you haven't been here don't judge because every place has common misconceptions. First of all no one ever says Joisey, seriously no one ever does. North Jersey is influenced by New York and South Jersey is influenced by Philly. That's why in North Jersey alot of people are NY Giants fans and in the southern end people like the Eagles more. Most people here respect New York and love NYC. We also appreciate Philly, we have two of the best cities right next to us. The suburbs of NJ are awesome. The houses are gigantic, most people are friendly, parties all the time, and seasonal weather. We have more Pizza and Bagel shops than all of the west coast and south put together. We are a diverse state, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, Indian, all live together. We do have some gang related problems in Newark, Camden, and Trenton but all cities have crime unless they're in the middle of no where. We usually are short tempered people but really nice. Like I said we have seasonal weather, summer = Hot as hell. Fall = Breezy but still wear shorts. Winter = Fucking freezing. Spring = warm and nice. The Jersey shore is really nice, clean water, and big waves. I'm not saying Jersey is better than where you live. I love the West Coast, California and Nevada are amazing. I like the South too, Miami is my favorite city and I want to go to Atlanta and North Carolina. The Mid-West is cool and I love the North East because it's my home. What I'm saying is, I don't think Jersey is better than every other place, but it Isn't even close to being horrible. Don't Judge untill you've seen the entire state.
Ignorant Fuck: New Jersey sucks they have fucked up accents, gangs, and rich snobs in the suburbs.

Educated Person: Actully No one speaks with that accent, every city has crime, and not all the suburban people are snobish, they worked hard to make it there.
by King of NJ October 13, 2007
The greatest place in the entire continental United States. Everyone who doesn't like New Jersey is a communist. There, I said it. Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn't smell there at all, is cleaner than New York, and is home to some of the nicest people ever. Plus, we don't pump our own gas, bitches. Also, home to the most wiggers and emo kids. New York can have them both.
if you dont like jersey, fine, cuz we dont like you either
by Spazztastic January 06, 2005
A geographically and culturally diverse east coast state that is often overshadowed by New York and Philly. New Jersey has many appealing tourist spots and is not given the credit that it deserves. There are, however, a few scary places in New Jersey, such as Camden, with the country's highest murder rate, and the Pine Barrens, where a little critter called the Jersey Devil eats helpless and stranded tourists with flat tires on New Jersey's Route 72.
New Jersey: The Garden State
by Vincent January 31, 2005
Stereotypes: We all live by malls, factories are everywhere, we apparently have an accent that we've never heard of before, we all are Italian and gel our hair, we are just a giant suburb of NY and Philly, we all smoke alot and we must come from Newark or Atlantic City because those are the only two NJ cities you know.

The Truth: I can't speak for all of NJ but I do live within 45 minutes of 3 malls, but what's so bad about that? Factories are only in Northeast Jersey that is real close to NYC, and they manufacture half the shit you buy, we have to put them somewhere. No one ever says "Joisey", we say Jurzee and the accent you think we have is more like a crushing combonation of Staten Island and Boston. Jersey Accents are more subtle and most people talk like they're from Philly or NY. We aren't all Italian, infact only 17% of NJ is Itailian but yeah I am Italian but there's nothing wrong with that, and no we don't all gel our hair or wear Gucci sunglasses. We are like a giant suburb of NY/Philly but with attitude, our own cities and towns, and a beach. And No we aren't all from Newark or AC,there a lot of towns in Jersey that I've never heard of before and I lived here for all my life.
Out-Of-Stater: New Jersey sucks.
Jersey Kid: Have you ever even been here?
Out-Of-Stater: Yeah I drove by Newark on my way to NYC
Jersey Kid: That's not the real New Jersey, that's like going to Compton and saying that you've seen all of California, or going to inner city Detroit and saying you've seen all of Michigan.
by Jersey Kid May 24, 2008

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