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Lives off of exit 63 of the Garden State Parkway. Lies, steals, and lives in a fantasy all his own JB. He's a walking sexually transmitted disease whore who will blow anyone for attention. He needs to be in jail for being a thief (fired from Adidias in Atlantic City for stealing a co-workers wristlet and Bulgarian passport. Kicked out of a staten island home for stealing jewelry and selling it to cash 4 gold and being caught red handed with receipts on his passenger seat.), He's a pathological liar: On the next Real World cast, cast as a pornstar, a dancer for various clubs in NYC and NJ, works as a promoter for Harrah's Casino, Shot his own calender, Starring on a new Bravo reality series and the list goes on. If spotted approached with a closed fist and hit hard in the face (any area eye, nose, mouth will do).
I just went to Deko Lounge and saw NEW JERSEY TRASH taken out to the curb.
by Dirty Pink Undies March 30, 2011

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