As of 2011 Second most populated city in Connecticut, probably the most known city in CT besides Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford. Also fourth most dangerous city in the country. New Haven is home to the Amistad and Yale University which is one of the best five Ivy League schools in the country. New Haven also has Hopkins school which is one of the best co-educational day school for grades 7-12 founded in 1660. New Haven is also home to the Connecticut Tennis Center where tournaments with some of the world's best tennis players. The Westville section of the city has much of the city's Jewish population and Yale activities. NH is CT's best college town, has a good amount of club's and it gets real..New Haven has the largest population of African Americans in Connecticut. Hartford and Bridgeport has more West Indians but NH still has them too, more neighborhoods are turning into projects. Yale area is dangerous, YOU WILL GET ROBBED! Things go down all the time all throughout the city a lot of stabbings and shootings, robberies. Things do pop off in the clubs. Stay away from Dixwell Ave & The Ville. Between Southern CT State Univ and Alburtus Magnus College down until Yale is the HOOD even south of dtwn and a little north of those two univs too! It's like a contest between (New Haven, Hartford mainly) and Bridgeport as who has the most shootings and murders. If it wasn't for Yale and The Amistad idk what this city would be.oh yea check out Pepe's pizza really good
New Haven, Connecticut, good, hood, bad, dangerous, Yale, Dixwell Ave, The Amistad, Connecticut Tennis Center, Whalley Ave
by InCTB July 29, 2011
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New Haven is a small city with roughly a 125k people in southern Connecticut. It is roughly 90 mins north of Manhattan, and has many New York commuters. New Haven has different stereotypes, some good, and some bad. It is actually a mix of both.


The city is home to extremely wealthy and prestigious individuals, and the neighborhoods they reside in are so picturesque it almost seems unreal. Many movies have been short in New Haven for this very reason. Tree lined streets, gorgeous Colonials and Victorians with luxury vehicles in their driveways. Such neighborhoods include East Rock, Westville, and Beaverhill.

Other areas are not as fortunate. Fair Haven, Dixwell and the notorious "Hill" neighborhoods are far from pleasant, especially the Hill. Fair Haven is has a large Hispanic population and Hill and Dixwell are primary black neighborhoods. These areas have seen increase in crime rates of the last few years and therefore lower real estate values.

Middle income neighborhoods include Morris Cove, which is a waterfront neighborhood along the Long Island Sound comprised of modest homes and working class individuals. Wooster square, a primarily Italian neighborhood, has renowned pizza parlors including Pepes and Sallys, and has a beautiful center green with a Mediterranean style chapel.
New Haven, Connecticut
Downtown New Haven has been on the upswing over the last few years, with buildings changing its skyline, including apartment towers, hotels, and office buildings. Two major hospitals are located in this area, including Yale-New Haven Hospital and St. Raphael's Hospital. The pulse of New Haven is unlike another other city in Connecticut. It is really the only city with a heartbeat. Excellent Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, along with high end retailers and mom and pop storefronts.

by topkknotch January 09, 2010

Your first thoughts? Yale, of course. Yale University is in the heart of New Haven and its campus is forever growing. It is one of the most renown universities in the world, and attracts the best and the brightest each year. The campus is unlike any other and is one of the most beautiful colleges in the United States.

Unfortunately, several other universities also call New Haven home, and hide behind Yale's shadow.

The University of New Haven has one of the best criminal justice and forensic science programs in the nation. Its also becoming more reputable in engineering and business programs and is growing tremendously.

Albertus Magnus college is a small, catholic private, formerly all womens college in the beautiful neighborhood of East Rock. It is comprised of only a few thousand students and its mostly a commuter school. Its campus is beautiful and it has also seen growth in recent years.

Connecticut State University (southern, scsu) is also located in New Haven. Its education, nutrition, and psychology programs are among the best in the region, and it is an extremely underrated university. Its campus is undergoing an extreme overhaul and it has become quite an attractive, and affordable, place to go to school. Although largely commuter, the school still has a very large population of on campus students(increasing) and a vibrant campus community.
New Haven, Connecticut's public school systems have struggled for many years. Mayor DeStefano has tried to throw money at the schools to solve the problem, and it has failed. Although the buildings are nice, the SAT scores and performance reports show little to rave about. New Haven has 2 major public high schools, Wilbur Cross and Hillhouse. Hillhouse is mostly lower income minorities, whereas Cross still retains some diversity and competitiveness. As I've heard, you can still receive an excellent education from Cross as long as you put effort into it, but I have yet to hear the same from Hillhouse.

So where do New Haven's wealthy send their kids? Private schools of course. New haven is filled with Prestigious academies and private schools. Including Hopkins, the Foote School, Hamden Hall, and many others.
by topkknotch January 09, 2010
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