A sad, lonely state of Nascar devout hillbillies and hicks. Requirements for living in New Hampshire are incest, having children during the teen years, having the life goals of reaching secretary or "line cook" status, and having less than five (original) teeth. Common words often used in New Hampshire: "a-hyuck," "viddles," "trailer," "Paw," and "shotgun." Words rarely or never used include "birth control," "education," and anything with more than three syllables. Please note: There are no redeeming qualities to to residents of New Hampshire. Although proximity to Boston is stated as an advantage to New Hampshire, it is actually a burden upon Massachusetts, an area where the awkward New Hampshire hill folk are quietly and politely told to go back to the trailer park.
The New England state below Maine and above Massachusetts is New Hampshire.
#new hampshire #hillbillies #trailor trash #white trash #redneks #hicks.
by Dorothy Bassett June 19, 2008
sucks ass and the people i met from there are weird, annoying, gay, uptight, think they are black, waspy and shitheads to say the least
New Hampshire is a state where WASPS live and the kids who live near boston think they are from the city when they aren't
#gay #new hampshire #shit #wasp #tight ass
by shotzflyin April 20, 2006
The most boring state ever. Only good because we don't get taxed here.
I live in New Hampshire, and I HATE it!
by weirdgirl June 14, 2003
The worst fucking state ever. It's hella boring, there's nothing to do, everyone is a snob, and they wouldn't know comedy if it were to slap them upside the head.
1: What?! You're moving to New Hampshire?!
2: Yeah, stupid hicks.
3: Why the fuck would you move there?
2: Because my parents want me to suffer and ruin my social life completely. -facepalm-
by omgtrendwhore August 02, 2005
a place where i buy fireworks,ride bmx at www.ryeairfield.com and look for motorcycles
by streetisbest July 07, 2003
Worst muthacukin state. ESPECIALLY merrimack where me and one black kid and another halfrican brother stay at. It is really bad for minorities.
>lets go to NH.
>hellz no dats gay shit and racist bullshit!
by AJ THA KING February 16, 2005
new hampshire
The WORST fucking state to live in. I hope whoever discovered this fucking state is burning in hell. This state is full of rednecks and people who think they are better than everyone else. All the people call us massholes but excuse me? You people are the lowest form of life that has been my misfourtune to know. If it wasn't for Massachusetts (and an Italian guy) this country wouldn't exist but anyways this state sucks complete ass and no wonder why everyone hates it
sure new hampshires great if you like to ruin your kids social life and see a bunch of Latinos
#this #state #sucks #complete #ass #i'd #rather #be #in #mass
by Operation: Douchebag August 19, 2006
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