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New Gens is a short definition of the word "new generation" New Gens are teenagers and adults. That follows a life style based around environments in the 21st century

An example of a new gen is they all have a certain type of item and wear a certain type of clothing. This tends to happens when a certain type of item becomes popular for a while and everyone will follow a certain type off fashion while there are few people that are unique.

It’s a person that talks about guns a lot and knife crime and listen to gangster rap that hasn't got any good messages expect for killing people, doing drugs, getting money ,getting women and having sex and trying not to go jail. Also you general have a poor attitude to society and think there better than anyone else.
"These people have no respect for things these days. . . typical new gens!"
by Crashicth November 15, 2011
a group of annoying little kids that can't seem to get their greasy hands off of things that aren't theirs in the freakin first place. born around the early 2000s (2002-2003 and up). such annoying things include underage online activity, (9-11yrs old on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MMOs, COD ect), acting like a little snobby prick that annoys the balls/boobs off of older kids/siblings (teens and up) but taking their stuff without asking (telling on them about their PMs online, ect), trolling with stupid, non-comprehensible, mindblowingly retarded, not-funny sex jokes when obviously they had just found out about it 2 minutes ago, cursing online for NO REASON AT ALL AND IT ISN'T NESSESSARY and NOT being a kid that should get the fack off of the internet
those Newgens won't stop trolling my account!
by HHQR November 03, 2013
is short for new generation. the new generation of boy circa 2000s.
(born in the late 80s-early 90s)

symptoms of a new gen boy:
they like dane cook
they listen to like 80s music and rock n' roll
they tend to act homosexual with eachother sometimes but then pull it off as a joke (see "no homo")
they smoke weed
they try to be funny
they say words like vagina, and penis out of context
by Olivia da OG October 17, 2006
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