--New England--

New England is an old grouping of states in the northeastern region of the U.S. It has traditionally consisted of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. On rare occasions, New York, and even parts of New Jersey have been considered New England (Connecticut Puritans founded many towns in these states).

--Massachusetts Does NOT Have Friends--

New England is NOT "Massachusetts and friends." Most of the other New England states want nothing to do with those snobby, arrogant Massholes and their sucky driving habits. Go clog up your own retail outlets, seriously. Also, Boston's influence is very small and barely extends into extreme southeast New Hampshire--the rest of these five states has nothing to do with it at all: Boston tends to overstate its importance.

--The Connecticut Debate--

It is debatable whether or not Connecticut really belongs in New England--the western and southern parts of that state are pretty much indistinguishable from New York. On the shoreline of southern Connecticut, you can see the skyline of Manhattan on the horizon--tons of people work there and go there on the weekends for shopping and baseball games. Connecticut is NOT "down" with Massachusetts, nor will it ever be. So, I guess it's not REALLY New England, but it sort of looks like it in places. Connecticut seems more like a Mid-Atlantic state with its ties to New York and northern New Jersey.
At a bar, on vacation in some warm sunbelt state:

Masshole: Wheah ah you from?
Me: I'm from New England.
Masshole: Oh, so yuah a sawx fan?
Me: Actually, I'm from western Connecticut, and everyone there likes New York teams.
Masshole: New Englanduh my ass! You can't call ya self a New Englanduh! Fahk you, go Sox! Yankees ah a bunch a fahkin' queahs! Connecticut is paht of New Yahk, not New England!
by Yes, I'm from Connecticut. April 09, 2009
Top Definition
Everyone thinks of New England as the most stuck-up and rudest people in all of the US..then why was New Hampshire voted as the most livable state in 2005? Don't judge New England before you've spent time or lived here, it's awesome.
Just because New England has private schools doesn't mean we're stuck up. We're very friendly :)
by some beautiful person July 28, 2005
The best damn region in the country. With the best damn football team, the best damn baseball team..and a hockey team and a basketball team. Cold as hell place here only the strongest men can survive and the weak cry.
I went to a football game in New England, and damn it was cold, but those frigin Pats kicked ass!!!
by i dudditz July 24, 2005
The only region of the United States that actually has four seasons. We New Englanders are ready for anything!
If you don't live in New England, you don't really know what summer, autumn, winter, and spring really are.
by Autumn Leaves October 13, 2007
Massachusetts and Friends
New Hampshire? Maine? Connecticut? Oooh, you mean those other states in Massachusetts and Friends!
by Eric Dion March 17, 2004
Just like the song says, it really is the spirit of America. Beautiful country, great schools, great food, rich history, intelligent people. Not to mention real weather. New England has everything, from oceans to mountains to lakes to countryside to cities. Best sports teams too. I mean there is a damn good reason why you New York bastards flock up here every year like seagulls to breadcrumbs.

People hate us because are the last remaining bit of what America was founded on.

New England? Nah, more like Old America...
To all people not from New England...

Don't hate us because we still have standards.
by I hope Skrillex dies June 28, 2009
The six greatest states in the country. In the New England states, you will deal with fewer rednecks and far less ignorance, as most of the ivy league schools can be found here. The vacation spots are unbeatable and most people dress decent. In the fall, the foliage is a major tourist attraction. During the winter months, people visit to stay in lodges or ski. In the spring and summer, the beaches are crowded and the small towns earn the most money by housing all of the vacationers who decide to stay at Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Each state has its own perks... Oh yeah, did I mention that the Patriots are better than any other team?
Guy 1: "You're from New England? You must be a fuckin' Democrat hippie."

Guy: "No, I'm not a hippie, but yes, I do have more money than you."
by DrRock710 July 10, 2008
The six north-easternmost American states, located north and west of New York (north of Long Island, which is part of NY). Historically, eastern New York is occasionally included as part of New England (Vermont was actually part of NY at one point), but today it consists of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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