A place in Fairfield County that sucks at sports
Man, I wish I lived in Dairen, New Canaan sucks at sports!
by wkr September 22, 2007
All the teenagers in New Canaan need to find a real place to hang out, besides that run down variety store, Mackenzies. People in New Canaan would never stoop down to being NORMAL and go hang out at the Mobil directly across the street like most teenagers do. No, they need to stand outside a variety store in their pink and green outfits (that don't match, i don't care what anyone says) and act like total asswipes.
Its actually kind of funny to those of us who don't live in the "most dangerous place to drive" in the world. Beware of moms in SUVs that don't know how to drive... they are all over the place in New Canaan. Oh, and make sure you don't hit some moron walking in the middle of the road. People in New Canaan are to good for crosswalks.
I live in New Canaan, therefore, i suck and my clothes don't match and always look wrinkled.
by Torri March 05, 2006
Home of 'The Gang', a group of juniors. This group has managed to cause every student at New Canaan High School the desire to kill themselves upon hearing the phrase "soo funny" one more time. The use of similar phrases, such as "soo mean", "don't know what to do with myself","this is me laughing", or "laughing so hard right now" also have the same effect on members of the student body who unfortunately sit close enough to the junior side of the lounge to hear these much-hated words.
"Why is New Canaan SO funny. I am laughing so hard right now."
by herewegoroms April 03, 2005
Yes, New Canaan is home of "The Gang", a group of juniors who actually really just want to keep to themselves and don't give a shit what the rest of the school thinks.
If you have such a problem with the things they say, stop listening since I'm sure they didn't want you there anyway.
by suck it, herewego roms April 03, 2005
New Canaan is a town where they have nothing better to do except go into town (where there is completely nothing to do except go to Starbucks - explains why none of them are stick thin, huh?) and make fun of Darien kids. Even though they don't understand that yes, Darien is richer, has a better school system, AND is better at sports, they still feel the need to call us "D-Baggers". Way to be creative. They don't even wear very preppy clothes, and basically have no lives. Plus, hardly any of the Moms drive around in their Cadaliac Escalades. They drive around in Honda SUVS (yeah thats really classy, guys.) They try to act rich, but really they aren't getting anywhere. Plus, even though New Canaan Country Day is there, doesn't mean it's only New Canaan kids. Half the population is kids from Darien! Also, since the town has atleast 3 sketchy areas (i.e. the teen center, HELLO?!) the police sit around all day waiting for something to happen. Also they stop kids from Darien just cause we're from Darien. Thats what you call a real "life"! Exicting town, huh? basically all in all, New Canaan sucks.
Today after school in town, I saw some D-Baggers and told them to go home! I'm so funny! I also told them that since we are so fake in New Canaan that "We were richer than them!!!"
by FELLOW DBAGGER September 28, 2007
candace is the shit and everyone loves her
.....the people who are making fun of her are actually atrocious disgusting guys covered in pimples or pre-pubescent hairs on thier faces that get no pussy so they sit at home on thier computers and write out shit on some website because they have no dick and arent man enough to say it to peoples faces....
New canaan really needs to grow up and get a grip because NC isn't reality
Good Ol' New Canaan Right? No not right its actually kinda sad actually!! Lets see why hmmm..ino because the kids that live there don't respect the area in which they live!! They take every little thing for granted! They dont understand that people dream of being rich of course the kids there dont have to!! Why you may ask, because they dont know what a dream is because supposedly they are already living in it!! But that dream isnt all glitz and glamour as many people think!! No instead the kids living here have no lives so they waste themselves by getting high or drunk! But why would anyone do that when they have everything? Because they believe they really do have troubles!!! They think because they didnt get the car they asked for that their lives will end so they turn to some type of drug! Sad isnt it! For all the real people out their the glitz and glamour of the rich and famous isnt that great mainly, because they forget who they are, because they were never anyone to begin with!! For all you sad pathetic kids that live or go to a private school within new Canaan ask yourselves Why? Why the hell do you tear people apart not from each other but you tear those people apart from the inside out! I mean look at what you write about eachother!! Of course your too pathetic yourselves to face that person face to face!! For the neighboring towns dont be offend by the New Canaan High kids because they cant be that great because most of them were rejected by the Private Schools in the area and thats why they sadly are going to the public school in town!! Not saying that public school is bad They are much better then private but to be living in New Canaan its only acceptable for their parents status for them to be going to Private! Thats right the kids in New Canaan their parents only hope for them was to show them off, but not much to show off if they are going back and forth from rehab!! Of course sometimes private school is worse when kids actually think their world is so horrible that they take their education for granted and get drunk at school!! News Flash: No one in the real world gets drunk at school! Why? Because kids in the real world work hard for their grades and it doesnt matter how much money their parents have its about how hard they work!! Welcome to the real world New Canaan, where the rest of the world laughs at your expense!!
Of course their are the rare and few New Canaaners that are real but those are the people who have lived with their parents when they had nothing and slowly worked their way up the Social Ladder!! Of course those people are signaled out and made fun of because they are too smart for New Canaan and everyone else is jealous that those kids actually had a life!!
All will be well when New Canaan's Youth becomes part of the World and I mean the Real World!! Of course that may never happens, for they believe they are in the Real World but really they will get job opps from their parents or parents friends who feel bad for the pathectic life of those grown up kids!!
New Canaan ever heard of the Real World! Thats right you will be rejected from the real world!! Too Bad!!
by Wouldn't you like to know April 23, 2005
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