Pretty nice, wealthy place in Connecticut. All the kids are taking the hardest classes possible. Lots of attractive people there. To fit in you need to be wealthy, attractive, and athletic. So many parties here in NC (like every weekend). The town is awesome with a movie theater, red mango, starbucks, j-crew, etc. The people are nice but could be snobby, probably not as snobby as New York City though.
new canaan
by business15 April 13, 2013
Holy Crap. New Canaan is a very wealthy town bordering Norwalk & Wilton, But
After you cross out of New Canaan you always see a big difference but don’t know what
It is. Sometimes it seems like a lot of New Canaanites are under some sort of mind control, because a lot of people hide their true feelings about the town and such. There
Are 3 kinds of New Canaanites. The first type are it’s natives who lived here all their
Lives and have an innocence about them but at the same time pretend to be badass in
Their own attempt to stand out. These people dress in Ralph Lauren polos with
Colorful shorts along with a bright baseball cap that makes them easy to spot anywhere.
Some of these people are secretly popular but you would never know it, because of
Their wittiness. You have to watch out for these type because they are heart breakers
And they act like they are really deep with their feelings when they really don’t give
A fuck what goes on outside of their ever so busy lives- e.g beer pong in the basement
After a long Lax game, Starting a band in their 8 seater home movie theaters.
The second type of New Canaanite people are the Newcanaanites who remember
Moving here from different places. These people may appear to be very preppy with
A bit of a quirky attitude at first, but they are very deep people who have an insecurity
About them because they were rejected for alittle while because they were new.
Some of these people refuse to be labeled and refuse to get close to a lot of people
Because they don’t feel like they can relate ex. The natives) But lets face it these
People deserve credit because they know what the real world is like and it is a
Huge shock to live here after you’ve been in less loaded towns who don’t offer shit.
The last type of person are the absolute New Canaanites who are as preppy as a person
Can get – They don’t just dress it they act it 100% as well and are cocky and nice
At the same time, very boisterous in class and never fail to get the highest grades that
Can only be imagined by most. These people live on the richest roads in new canaan
And are only friends with the other rich kids in new canaan, exception to about 2 -3 kids who act the part but don’t actually live in it 100%. The Absolute new Canaanites
Have parents who own houses in many other locations, mothers who own Audi’s.
BMW’s, Jags and Range Rovers, they may have a few of their own In their heated garages. Not to say that it’s bad to be an absolute New Canaanite, but they are hard
To miss because they are very muscular and most have green eyes that may look
Mean until they light up with laughter over a small joke in A.P English.
Anyway new canaan is a very nice – looking town. Church is great, but the
Stores on Elm Street have a lot of coocky items that only an artist could love.
Don’t forget to wave to the men hanging out at the little fire station. Don’t
Forget your manners when you come here because they are appreciated always.
Have a good day, mate.
New Canaan is a place that is sheltered by walls of wisdom
by la la la la la May 28, 2006
I've read every definition on my Home Town in here, and I personally think this is all a whole load of bullshit. I've had a great 13 years in NC, and i'm excited to spend my 14th and final year there. It's a town where if you call someone on a friday night, you'll probably find a whole truckload of alcohol sitting somewhere, but no house to have a party in. If you go to a dance, you'll probably find a few kids in the back of the school, in the x-pit smoking it up or the occasional coke-head in their cars snorting some of the hot white stuff.
For those of you who said it wasn't reality? You've got a lot to learn-it's much more real than anyone gives it credit for. The things you're going through here, the bullshit drugs and alcohol, the drama about your best friend hooking-up with your girlfriend, the multi-billionaire telling you you're worthless and that you'll never go anywhere in life-this is all shit that's going to happen to you in the future, i'll bet my trust-fund on it.
And there's no fucking way that the Spread shit is gonig to stop, candace is going to be made fun of for the rest of her life cause she's an ugly bitch, the gang is too fucking loud, The Fellowship and The Brotherhood are amazing, PEZ is the best candy ever created because the Pezident's son goes to our school, and we have more money than GOD. All that, though, comes with a whole lot of bullshit problems. It's lonely at the top, so don't patronize or belittle our lives cause i bet this kid here in a fucking polo shirt, wearing 500 dollar rugby shoes, with a rugby wallet, vineyard vines belt, tommy pants, polo socks, boathouse jacket, driving a 40,000 dollar car could fuck up anyone who's reading this, so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.
Oh, and as much as we hate Darien, they're our peers and outside of sports, there's no one i'd rather hnng out with than a D-bagger.
What do you get when you mess with the rams?!?!?!
The Horns The Horns
Haiiil NC (Hail NC) Haiiil NC (Hail NC) Haiiil Staples (HELL NO)
New Canaan is amazing
by Build Me Up Buttercup December 27, 2005
EVERYONE says ohhhhh New Canaan people have nothing better to do then drive around in their porches but honestly, New Canaan might be wealthy but were just as nice as people in Stamford or Norwalk or Wilton you name it... and sure teenagers might drink but that happens everywhere! id like to say comment 28 was untrue and offensive. one of my friends actually has a half basket ball court inside her house, but other friends have normal houses just like anyone else in most of the world... i live in New Canaan and I'm not un thankful or anything I'm more than happy i live where i live but i just wish New Canaan didn't get judged as the rich town or people didn't get judged as snotty millionaires.
"oh New Canaan is so rich! I'm happy i don't live there because if i did id be snotty like the other kids that live there"

really! please don't judge by the money were just like you guys...
by lizzy4361 June 29, 2012
New Canaan is a town in which normal people find it hard to fit in and rich people feel like they run the town. So if you wear a flat brim hat, air jordan's or wear a jersey ur considered a "poser" or "fag." Also, if you don't play lacrosse you are not allowed in the group and are completely uncool for your dad not being an all american at virginia. Dad's who made it in sports as youth's outpay the normal family's and make there child on the team and when the time is right they pounce on the original payed coach and have him fired so they can again shine in the youth athletic spotlight. So most of the time the kids on the travel teams don't really have the most talent but there dad's have the most money along with an ego. Kids typically have to wait until high school to have the best players on there team. And then of course the town wins three state championship's in a row.

All the stuff about kids being afraid of Bridgeport is only true for a handful of kids and yes the cops are way to overprotective and kids do sell drugs according to many residents. But don't hide the few good people who live in that town. Like Benko. He runs the whole recreational department by runnning back in forth from schools to parks to fields to town hall every day. And guess what he isn't paod a million dollars a year and he doesn't complain he just keeps on working and appreaciates that his kids get to grow up in such a good enviorment. The town is probably filled up with a third of people like this who keep it from falling into the OC. But don't make fun of the town because not everyone is that bad
"Oh look at that kids flat brim yankee hat, he must thnik he is a gangster"..... The kid in hat," Uh no..I'm not a gangster I live in New Canaan... I just am wearing my hat the way people through out the world do"
by that kid who is that kid May 12, 2009
A ritzy town filled w/ spoiled kids. Most ladys who live there drive mercedees and have blond hair.
New Canaaan rules the school.
by Carry April 05, 2005
Extremely beautiful and wealthy place. The schools are New Canaan High School, St. Lukes, Saxe, etc. Very beautiful schools. Many peoples dream to live in New Canaan. Lots of attractive, athletic, and smart people. The town is where everyone goes to hang out. The towns awesome!! Soo many parties at the high school and Saxe. The moms are usually driving there mercedes and Yukons, with blonde hair, and a perfect face. The dads are usually gone all day working in NYC, either taking a train or limo to work everyday. The kids usually party a lot (like to much haha). To be cool you have to be attractive, wealthy, athletic, and all around perfect. New Canaan is filled with nice and caring people but don't get on their bad side or soon you'll be sitting on the side of the street everyday begging for your life back. They make the O.C look pathetic, cause of the drama in the schools. The people are usually sweet but scandalous. Everyone knows everyones secrets even if you didn't tell them.. yeah word gets around. If you cross them they'll reveal them. Yeah, don't mess with them. People tend to drink a lot. Theres always a party going on in New Canaan and if you're not invited I'm sure your friends will fill you in... Don't be shy in New Canaan or else no one will know who you are, unless your the shy, pretty, attractive, athletic, wealthy, and perfect new girl or guy. Don't worry New Canaan doesn't bite.
The O.C New Canaan
by dforeffort April 13, 2013
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