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Just what it says. Never bag on (make fun of, put down) someone elses fetishs or sexual turn-ons, because lurking in the dark corners of your mind are some crazy turn-ons that you would never want anyone to find out about, and if they did, you wouldn't want them to bag on you for it.

A code of conduct. Similar to I don't care if you fuck chickens but less judgemental.
Johnny: Yo, 40, where you been.

40 oz. express: I had to take my mom to the retirement home.

Johnny: Did you pick up some skank while you were there (a refrence to 40 liking "mature" women)?

40: ...easy. Never bag on another mans fetish.

Johnny: You're right 40. I'm sorry

40: No problem, Johnny. You download any good goth porn lately?

Johnny: Nah, I'm into preggo these days.
by Lucky Haskins November 22, 2005

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