Nev or Neville or the stupid-fucking-dumbass-blue-bear as he is affectionately known is a puppet(oh yes he is,live with it) on the sunday kiddie show smile. He is the unimaginable low point of an already poor show. Also used to make something crap seem slightly better a phrase known as "to nev it up". Did I mention he is blue and woollen
Slightly intelectual child 1: "this pencil is blunt and pointless, like smile"

Slightly less than average intelligence child: "lets NEV IT UP!"

Shut up please

(thinks of witty comeback)


(deploys ultimate comeback)


(awkward silence)
by jghkju7iutgrOB August 12, 2005
Top Definition
A girl of semi Spanish origin who, after about a day's worth of pressure, will have anal sex with you.

Payment/bribe must be given in the form of hula-hoops
or hula-hoop (singular.)
Tom: Can we have anal sex?
Nev: Ewww no, that's disgusting.
Tom: I'll give you a hula-hoop?
Nev:........Two hula-hoops.
by hurstyjew April 28, 2010
a word to describe someone who is an idiot, loser or does something stupid. Derives from Nevil Longbottom from harry potter.
Person1: did u c the new harry potter movie?

person2: u watch harry potter???ur such a nev!
by Bobbin Along May 12, 2009
An insult that can mean any of the following:
1) never eats vagina
2) or no entertainment value
3) or never ending virgin
person 1: dude, isnt Jake a total nev?
person 2: he is man, wait what meaning of the word do you mean?
person 1: well, kinda all 3 definitions describe him perfectly.
by EnergyDrinks17 January 11, 2010
A type of person who gets a lot of pussy and is the fucking man.
What is nevs doing now?

He is fucking that pussy and fucking bitches up.

Johnny, what do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be nevs.
by nevs123 November 18, 2009
An abbreviation of "never".

Also may be used to articulate a lack of interest, while maintaining a "nay" vote. ("I don't care, but I'd rather not.")
H: I nevs wanna see you again, skank.
J: Evs, man.

W: So, do you wanna go to the zoo?
Z: Nevs.
by Wrd Abbr. 8or June 27, 2008
Derived from the name 'Neville', Nev is a simple substitution for cigarette, smoke, dart, stick etc.
1. Hey man, come out for a nev!

2. Got any nevs dude?

3. Fuck that, I need a nev.
by rumskuller August 07, 2011
NOT ECONOMICLY VIABLE meaning that your sorry ass doesnt have enough credit rtg to get yourself the least bit of cash you might need to turn your life arround.Such as catch 22 !
Dude 1 -Hey how did it go at the bank today?

Dude 2-Not to fucking good .

Dude 1-Why not?

Dude 2-They said that iam N.E.V not economicly viable .
by troubledemon May 08, 2009

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