A modifier for any persons name to indicate truness of self without placing oneself above or below any other individual...
Drewness, Jayness, Heatherness
by AndieLee June 30, 2011
Ness is the process in which you add 'ness' to the end of words in order to enhance the words meaning.

It can also be used on its own when there isnt a word to describe something or there are multiple items that can be described as a whole.

Ness can also be used inconjunction with 'age' or 'ism' to make a typically boring word more interesting and very long.
bye, see ya later, luvness you.
argggh i need a drinkage.

oh thats so ridiculous im not sure about all this ....slight pause ness.

Oh i have happynessism at the moment.
by Lozenga May 08, 2008
An adjective to describe something that is so insanely cool or intriguing that no word can describe it. It is used when you are at a lack of words to call something or someone. Usually used with attractive people or enthralling manga/anime series.
Me: Yuki is so... -ness, ya know?
Connor: I know, he's so gorgeous & charming &..oh, god, I lurve him!
by Gorgen Kally January 24, 2006
a word to add onto the end of an adjictive describing something, or it can be used by itself when there is no word for what ur trying to describe:
a guy walks down the street naked-
"omg look at Kenny's nakedness!"
something is funny-
by -kandi May 26, 2003
a word used to piont out a typical behaviour of a new person in a group,whilst trying to be subtle. this could be good or bad.
paul:*to class* this is billy, a childhood friend of mine, hes moved to our school..
billy:*farts* hahahahaha!
paul:*to billy*yeah,thats almost as funny as when we were 4
paul:*to friends*eh,ye...Ness
by proof2 January 19, 2008
A Ness is a very cool german guy that is surrounded by women 24/7. Mostly a Ness is a very good basketballplayer.
Girl: Oh look at that guy. That must be a Ness. Otherwise I can't explain why there are so much girls around him!
by D.r.e. August 27, 2007
1. The thing your in
2. A state of mind with yourself
3. Your own religion
I'm in my ness right now, leave me alone!!!!
by Gracie cute and sexy October 03, 2004

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