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British slang term to describe (in past tense) an insult by using the hand in a tossing/jacking off motion.

Nescafe (pronounced Nes-caf-a) is a coffee, who's ad on TV used a man (Gareth Hunt) that shook coffee beans in one hand like he was masterbating (very funny)
You are driving your car and someone cuts in front of you sharply. Lean out of the window, extend your arm and yell 'wanker!' while curling your hand and moving in a fast wanking/jacking off motion.

You have just performed 'The Nescafe Bean Shaker'!!

Ben "I was driving this morning and some prick cut me up!"
Bill "What did you do?"
Ben "I give it the old Nescafe bean shaker out the window"
Bill "No really?! ha ha"
by Clintos May 10, 2007
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