A CT based rapper/producer that is a breath of fresh air in todays world of hip hop.
A. Did you hear Nero's track?
B. Yah it was fire
#nero #the #beast #203 #ct
by Nero's Fan January 05, 2009
1. A roman emperor.

2. CD/DVD burning suite.

3. Large coffee store chain in Europe, like a Starbucks in USA.

4. An extremely sexy male individual.
That Nero is so fine! He just sets me aflame!
#coffee #rome #emperor #sexy #burning
by Engelburt March 25, 2010
1) A roman emperor.

2) A popular CD and DVD media authoring program.
1) "Nero is an angler in the lake of darkness." -Shakespeare, King Lear

2) Nero Startsmart tends to cause some serious driver conflicts if installed on the same machine as CloneCD. So be careful.
by Allvah November 23, 2004
someone who is a lover who cares only about him/her self
1-A nero will say "OMG i had the most weirdest dream ever!, i was on the beach with NO sunscreen and a monster came out of the water and didnt offer me any!!"

2- "I dont care if u hate sushi, i want some and so we r gonna go get some!"
#lover #narow minded #selfish #weird #erotic
by Uohlak August 23, 2009
roman emperor who burned down rome and blamed it on the christians ,hated by all because he took christians and used them as torches in his castle also his code name was 666 therefore 666 doesn't really implement satan
i wonder if people know that 666 doesn't stand for satan
by i am the reaper May 18, 2004
short for caffe nero. good place for muffins.
NO. 1: Meet in Nero?
NO. 2: Fo' Shizzle
#nero #caffe nero #coffee #muffin #pie
by The holiest smoking town October 15, 2007
seriously nero die im talkin to u the one in the chat room ure a hairy sack of shit
u nero
#pepe #dog #cat #fish #bob
by f u nero go die August 19, 2009
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