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noun. The oversight that technology companies, technology products, patents, mangas, anime, comic books, television programs, and just about any other social, entertainment, technological, or just popular phenomenon receives from fanboys, haters, hacktivists, trolls, and (of course) the blogosphere.
"Dude, have you been tracking the blogs about the iPad3? I mean there is so much nerdveillance you can practically reverse engineer the thing."

"My sister went to Comic-Con in her Sailor Moon cosplay outfit, you never saw so much nerdveillance on her."
by Paradoxical_Cat February 27, 2012
n. Extreme attention paid to an anticipated event, particularly a tech product launch, by fans, whereby every announcement or rumor is scrutinized for hidden clues, cryptic information, or other prognosticating secret and then posted throughout the Internet.
Did you see the nerdveillance on the new iPad? The Apple fanboys had practically reverse engineered the thing before it even launched.
by Paradoxical_Cat April 17, 2012
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