A nickname for all of the various memory sticks that plug into USB outlets on modern computers, especially those with a string or lanyard that nerds use to hang them around their necks.

The alternative spelling of this word is nerd-stick.
Hey, can you pass me that nerdstick so that I can save my file.

I have to buy a nerdstick with more memory because this one is simply not sufficient.
by Karen & Andy June 19, 2006
Top Definition
A storing device, commonly known as the USB
Bill: "Hey johnny, have you finished the Geography sheet?"
Johnny: "Yeah man, why?"
Bill: "Sweet! Nerd stick me!"

by Hanzy March 20, 2006
Nerd speak for a USB flash drive.
I need to download data or copy data to my nerd stick.
by razuski May 16, 2012
danmn, your nerd stick kills me . -_-
by I MAKE WAFFLEZ February 17, 2010

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