A group of generally nerdy people. These people sometimes might be defined as hipsters, but not all of them are. They tend to date each other a lot and hate people who are not part of their nerdherd.
That crowd of people over there? That's the nerdherd.
by thegirlwhowaited November 03, 2012
A group of nerdy and/or semi-nerdy friends who band together for protection. The group can change from 3 to 8 within seconds. Usually is made of up non-athletic kids who are just preppy enough to not be emo but don't care enough to be preppy. Their concerns are less materialistic and more silly.
Prep: Look at that loser Nerd Herd over there!

Emo: Dude... is that a Nerd Herd?

Nerd: Get out of the way! Nerd Herd coming through!
by saxaphoner September 18, 2009
A group of nerds who have the ability of geniuses to create teleportation.
That nerd herd is doing a pretty spiffy job at creating teleportation for the future.
by BIGWIGGYSTYLE June 12, 2011
a group of nerds, often with a powerfull and or in
sheesh, another nerd herd game

where do they get their ideas, i mean table selotape

i know, it is a rele fun game thou
by zorro and the ass bandit November 23, 2007
A group of nerds, the creators of Nerd Herd Film. This group is lead by the magnificent Harry May.
Geek: Wow
Dweeb: Yeh im lvl 70 on it
Geek: no i mean wow the Nerd Herd's new film 'attack of the nerds' is rele gd
Dweeb: oh, did i tell u im level 70 ...
Geek: look! its the Nerd Herd
Dweeb: with a sign saying here till thursday
by zorro and the ass bandit November 22, 2007
a group of SICK ass FEMALES who kno they shit nd keep it REAL 24/7!
bunny dee .. the state .. seal nd ill lil r the nerd herd females`
by nerdherd nikka January 01, 2004
A group of nerds, losers, etc.


An underground sex organization.
"Nerd Herd orgy, be there and be square."

"On the table bitch"
by Stephanie J.F. July 17, 2005

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