A sweet and sour sugary treat. It consists of one Sour Starburst and Sour Nerds candy, both ingredients are found at almost every gas station snack mart.
Tim quit smoking tobacco cigarettes because he became addicted to nerd bombs.
by Tim... October 09, 2007
Top Definition
To say something that only an uber nerd would know to answer a question.
Teacher - What is the square root of pi?

Nerd - (without thinking)1.77245385

Some random kid in class - NERD BOMB!!!
by blonde haired midget January 15, 2010
n. like a typical nerd except he or she still manages to be quite adorable at times.
"You stayed up all night to work on that for me? You're such a nerdbomb!"
by America Jr. November 17, 2004
receiving an oral while under neath the card table while playing a nerdy games such as monopoly or risk
I received a nerdbomb underneath the table while I was playing Monopoly last night
by boogerwithsugar December 06, 2014
(N):Nerd Bomb
(V): To nerd bomb

-When a person says a pedantic fact that disrupts the flow of conversation/obliquely defeats an argument.
Train Guard: Sorry sir but you can't board the train without your tickets.

Father: I must have lost them on the tube.

Train Guard: Well if you tried to board a plane with no ticket, they wouldn't let you on would they?

Father: Well, yes they would because they'd have your e-ticket and passport information.

Train Guard: =O

-A while later-

Son: Wow Dad that was such a Nerd Bomb.
by LeadFarmer June 17, 2012
noun: One who is a nerd, with larger more 'explosive' qualitys than a regular nerd may have.
My bestest friend is a total nerd bomb!
by Just...me December 20, 2006
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