someone who is inferior at a videogame, used as a way to put someone down.
(after a teammate performs badly) wow you fricken nerd!
by clutchisgood January 17, 2009
1. one whose kewlness is measured by him or herself alone -- often taking the fashionista-mentality and skewing it 37 degree to the left.

2. one whose insane brainmass is a burden which causes slackerish behavior, the inability to act ala the underground man, and a fiendish desire for sex and booze that serve to deaden the atlasianic load of said brainmass.
yo, that ain't a skid, that's a nerd.
by Nerd76 February 15, 2005
General: A nerd is a person that that is generally defined as a social outcast. Nerds are usually defined as, "one whose IQ is greater than their weight". However, nerds are not always smart. They may vary in different ways. Read below for a detailed definition.

Age range: Could be ages 5-100. most commonly ages 12-24.

Physical Traits of a common nerd: This may vary. They tend to have unatractive qualities or characteristics like, Really skinny build, or really fat, Combed over hair or frizzy hair, acne, thick glasses, big eyebrows, no muscular traits whatsoever, freckles, Buck teeth, braces, carrying science books, pale complextion, (from being seldom outside, high voice, tend to drool often (because their mouth often hangs open), crappy shoes, have overalls -(however rare today), have high striped socks pulled all the way up, a pocket protector, have a Bowtie, or a plaid shirt, and have their hands clamped up like Seals.

Mental traits of a common nerd: Generally, a nerds behaviour often appears odd to others, and nerds rarely notice their odd or eccentric behaviour. For example, most nerds tend to not be interested in any sport(s) whatsoever. They are most commonly REALLY into video games and computers so much, that it becomes an obsession, and they dedicate their lives to it.

Games are the biggest thing amongst nerds, especially online games such as, Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Diablo 2, and dungeons and dragons. Don't get me wrong, nerds are in EVERY online game, just those are they key games that nerds tend to "flow" into.

Movies they are intersted in could be Star wars, Star trek. Lord of the rings,etc. Taste in movies is generally always a sci-fi genre.

Music that a sterotypical nerd would listen to is techno, or a tune with little or no beat or rythum, even though many nerds have better interests in music than that.

Generally bullied physically and verbally by popular kids, and jocks. Nerds tend to have extremely poor social skills, therefore becoming unpopular and disliked by others. Most nerds tend to call normal people "noobs" because they on't excell at computer gaming skill as much as they do, but most of them don't even have a girlfriend, or a social life, which means they are "noobs" in the real world.

Positive attributes of nerds: It may be the sad truth, but the world today is run by nerds! (well, the smart ones who actually do something with their life) They have dramatically changed our world today. Without them, there wouldn't be, satellite, Computers, video games, or internet. That's right this was actually all created and done by nerds. Notice the richest man in the history of the world happens to appear as a nerd? (Bill Gates) It may be fun to critisize nerds today, (even though I sort of am) But some of them may end up being your boss one day!
Urkal, Napolean Dynamite and George Mcfly in back to the future in the past are great examples of nerds.

Stereotypical Conversations ( Well the unrealistic but ,meh)

These conversations are not true, but what a person thinks of a sterotypical nerd.

Nerd to Nerd:
Nerd 1: Salutations and greetings fellow earthling
Nerd 2: And to you, I got a new calculator watch that can fit up to 9 digits now!
Nerd 1: Well I upgraded my harddrive yesterday, so my PC is running 0.7% faster on Counter Strike!
Nerd 2: thats really cool! but i still got more head shots than you!
Nerd 2: I can't take this (Cries)

Nerd to Normal Person:
Nerd: Have you head of the Science fair coming up? Im so exited that I'm gonna drool all over your clothes.
Person: Back off you dweeb
Nerd: I'm gonna get my friends and PWN j00 online
Person: But you have no friends.
Nerd : oh yeah.. that too...
Person : HaHa NERD!!!
Person in background : What a loser!! Go win a starcraft tournament you weirdo!

Confident Nerd to Jock:
Nerd : Hello Jock! What appears to be your boggle today?
Jock : huh? Oh yeah I'm gonna kick your nerdy ass
Nerd : You may be on the football, rugby, wrestling team, and be 6'4" and 230 lbs, but im on the elite Counter- Strike team! So I have this toy lazer Gun! (pull's out a 6 year old child's lazer gun)
Jock : (punches Nerd in the face)
Nerd : (looses 8 and a half teeth, breaks his nose, gets spinal injuries, internal bleeding and ruptures spleen)
by --Jordan-- July 31, 2006
Nerds are ugly low-self esteem subterranean human beings that usually spend hours of the day in their parents basement.
"mom can you go to the store please, i'm out of hot pockets, proactiv, and top ramen! also you mind turning up the thermostat!" said the nerd
by Chrisduh December 03, 2006
1. neurotically enticing and ravishingly desirable
1. damn he's ridiculously attractive and witty; what a n.e.r.d.!
by filetmignon April 29, 2007
Ok, bottom line, being a nerd is not a good thing. A nerd is someone who is socially retarded. Nerds, Geeks and Dorks are all the same thing. They are always social rejects. To the average person who learned basic socialization patterns in fucking high school, they come across like they are physically or mentally retarded.

A male nerd comes across like a feminine chick. They are usually secretly gay or want to be a woman, or secretly identify with women. A nerd is usually at the maturity of someone who is around five to eight years old. They are usually extremely passive and passive aggressive. They blame the rest of society for their problems, that society is oppressing them, etc, when in reality, society is just treating them as a loser, because they are a loser. A woman will just taunt them and tease them, while a man will probably taunt, tease, and beat them up. As a result of being socially retarded, nerds develop a persecution complex, that they are somehow superior, and the rest of society is garbage, when in reality, it's the opposite.

No, you fucking idiot, you are the idiot, I doubt that slim, cute chick that laughs at you is considered a social reject. As a further result of being social rejects, nerds tend to hang out with other socially retarded people who pursue socially retarded topics that the average person does not give a fuck about. Things like elfs and wizards, and death metal, and science fiction. This is stuff that the average person stopped giving a fuck about at ten years old.

The main types of nerds are computer, book, metal, etc. A computer nerd tends to have extreme low intelligence. Like I said, a computer nerd comes across as someone who has the maturity of someone five to eight years old. You can be a computer user, but take a fucking bath and try to interact with the opposite sex, not act like are you in love with your fucking computer. The other thing is that as a result of getting their ass kicked by society, cute chicks, etc, nerds have developed the most shitty personalities I have ever seen. Most nerds come across as hostile, extreme assholes, lack of class, manners, basically the socialization patterns of a child in an adult.

Contrary to the media stereotype of a psychopath as a smooth badass, a psychopath is usually a nerd. They are distempered, fly in rages, have psychological issues, can't interact with the opposite sex. An example of this type of nerd is those two sick fucks that shot up their high school.
A nerd is someone who has severe psychological issues. Examples are people who act like tough guys on the internet, are extreme assholes or extreme crybabies.

All the above is considered common knowledge by the normal people of society. But because this is on the internet, a nerd is going to read this and disagree with it, because as I said, nerds have a persecution, inferiority complex.
by CoffeeCup August 15, 2006
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