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Geeks and Nerds are the same thing. They are all similar in that they all have small genitalia and lack of social skills, as well as their inability to communicate with girls which means thay all want to clone themselves and create a master race. most are secretly nazis who wanted the germans to win WWII. other characteristics exibited are:
- the belief that they are similar to smart people like Newton, yet really they will end up spending the rest of their life looking at japanese cartoon porn or talking about
elfs and wizards or guns and computers. While they may be smart they will not achieve anything in life... non of them will
- lack of physical and sporting skills, sometimes they are strong or can run far and take up stupid sports like free running and what americans call ultimate frisbee.
- they pretend to be people, like soldiers or sci fi characters and develop their own langauges
- they walk like idiots
- most have ginger hair
- when they think they gain acceptance from their non nerd peers they act like spastics
- some listen to idiotic music like death metal, a trait displayed increasingly by so called neo nerds, who grow their hair long and play wargames
- allthough i am not american i am sure most middle american teenagers are like this
- most see the above characteristics as benifits and can be extremely egotistical and open about it
- they have little knowledge of popular culture
don't get me wrong. non nerds can play video games, like history. listen to that stupid music go on the internet, look at cartoon porn etc but the common nerd exhibits this behaviour to an excessive degree

the same apllies to female nerds

solution: do nothing, let them wallow in their own disgrace
no i am not a nerd because a wrote this, i just have some mental issues. i assure you that i like sports and girls etc... while their are some on the other side of the social spectrum who can piss me off, i am resolute in my approval of that style of life more than that of a nerd.

i'm sure most of the readers of this are nerds so to you i say "fuck you"
by King of Troy July 10, 2006
The term nerd has derived from posers who could not fit into a crowd and have resorted to absolute patheticness by trying to be different in their own "unique way". They typically like downloading PC games instead of downloading pornography of Kazaa on their spare time and they enjoy hanging out with their "friends" over the internet. Usually these friends consist of 40 year old males who say they have similar interests but are only trying to "get together for a visit". Also, nerds don't have social lives so they play with childish Pokemon cards during their lunch hour or during their spare period at school, not to mention they think of ways of "trying to take over the world". They also enjoy long walks on the beach with tight overalls on a hot sunny days and candelight dinners (glowsticks) with family and fellow nerd friends. They enjoy shopping for the latest designs at Thrift Stores and the Salvation Army and enjoy rocking glasses their parents wore when they were in high school.
Ex.1 --> Mahivens! Common Jimmie, let's go get a copy of Gilbert goes to computer camp before it's sold ouT!

Ex.2 --> My virgin eyes! I lost my glasses!

Ex.3--> My name is Nazim Ould-Brahim I love Bilal Latif and his Paki hairdo.

Ex.4--> - Kwah! Hey guys...I hava joke 4 u...
- What now Jimmie?
-What's Cooler than being cold?
- Ice Cold! Kwah! Get it? Get iT? Kwah!
by Ze KinG Of AnTi-NeRdisM March 09, 2004
A lesser geek. geeks are socially able, nerds are not

A wanabe-geek
That nerd is so lame, he may know his PHP but he has no conversational skills
by Silver Falcon May 13, 2004
never ending radical dude
we are N E R D 's!
by chelsea November 19, 2003
Some fukin homo with glasses that thinks there all that and likes to hang out at the library. Also someone who plays counterstrike and loves to hack. (Hax0rs)
In general:
-they have no life
-they laugh like homos
-their scronny bitchez that can't fight
-they play c.s.
Gangsta: Yo bitch get out of my way or il knock you!
Nerd: Il p00n j00 at c.s.
Gangsta: Lets go biatch!
................ Next day
Nerd: You g0t PwN3D , I am l33t l33t 1337, You are a N00bz0rs.
Gangsta: *Knocks Him*
Nerd: *runs home, cries and plays some more counter-strike*
by Bubba_The_Retard June 22, 2006
If ur uber smart, ur 10% nerd
If u hang out with kids in the band, or has A.D.D. or A.D.H.D,or hangs out with his parents
rather often, or is just very very very very unpopular, or acts all weird (read: Conor McDonald, King Nerd himself) then ur 20% nerd
If you wear totally geeky clothes such as too tight plaid shirts in a bright color, uber tigh flood pants,thick glasses with duct tape on them, ur 30% nerd and if ur all of the above ur 50% nerd
Oh and if u have tons if allergies, many freckles ur 40% nerd
If you like dolls and babyish stuff or/& computers A LOT (as in Age of the Empires type computer games and those lameass websites like www.funnyjunk.com take up a lot of ur time, IMs emails etc. don't count because U actually have a social life) + all of the above ur 65% nerd
If u r afraid of being alone in a scary place or the dark ur 67% nerd
If U aren't embarassed that U act like an 8 year old/on speed when ur 12, you're 69% nerd
If u wet ur pants in gr. 3, have sexual relations with ur cousin, have crushes on nerdy nerds & all of the above ur 85% nerd
If U spend ur Friday nights having dinner with ur family ur pretty nerdy, I'd say 90% nerd
If U go to Brooke elementary ur 99% nerd
If ur all of the above ur 100% nerd
Nicky Goodwin, Conor Moore, Conor McDonald & Ajay Parmar r super nerd
Kiara Bailey & Abbi Ayers are half nerds
by d June 06, 2004
A loser basically. Normally laughs in the gayest way possible and feels superior when owning people over the internet.

The nerd can't back up anything he says because of his gayness.

Once in contact with real people, the nerd will cower away back to his comptuer screaming, "Im l33t! Im l33t! Ph3ar my might nerdness"
Nerd 1: I have no life
Nerd 2: I know, lets go have gay anal sex

Nerd 3: Can I join?

Nerd 1: Sure

by Shadow X August 18, 2003