a nerd is a socially inept, awkward loser not necessarily a smart person. he/she can be an idiot, a dull, insipid, square bunghole who doesn't know how to party. a geek is not a nerd, just someone who has exceptional qualities and who is bankable. a geek rules the world whearas nerds are totally faceless.
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are computer geeks, whereas Richard Simmons is a faggish nerd.
by Spider John September 12, 2004
1. neurotically enticing and ravishingly desirable
1. damn he's ridiculously attractive and witty; what a n.e.r.d.!
by filetmignon April 29, 2007
Ok, bottom line, being a nerd is not a good thing. A nerd is someone who is socially retarded. Nerds, Geeks and Dorks are all the same thing. They are always social rejects. To the average person who learned basic socialization patterns in fucking high school, they come across like they are physically or mentally retarded.

A male nerd comes across like a feminine chick. They are usually secretly gay or want to be a woman, or secretly identify with women. A nerd is usually at the maturity of someone who is around five to eight years old. They are usually extremely passive and passive aggressive. They blame the rest of society for their problems, that society is oppressing them, etc, when in reality, society is just treating them as a loser, because they are a loser. A woman will just taunt them and tease them, while a man will probably taunt, tease, and beat them up. As a result of being socially retarded, nerds develop a persecution complex, that they are somehow superior, and the rest of society is garbage, when in reality, it's the opposite.

No, you fucking idiot, you are the idiot, I doubt that slim, cute chick that laughs at you is considered a social reject. As a further result of being social rejects, nerds tend to hang out with other socially retarded people who pursue socially retarded topics that the average person does not give a fuck about. Things like elfs and wizards, and death metal, and science fiction. This is stuff that the average person stopped giving a fuck about at ten years old.

The main types of nerds are computer, book, metal, etc. A computer nerd tends to have extreme low intelligence. Like I said, a computer nerd comes across as someone who has the maturity of someone five to eight years old. You can be a computer user, but take a fucking bath and try to interact with the opposite sex, not act like are you in love with your fucking computer. The other thing is that as a result of getting their ass kicked by society, cute chicks, etc, nerds have developed the most shitty personalities I have ever seen. Most nerds come across as hostile, extreme assholes, lack of class, manners, basically the socialization patterns of a child in an adult.

Contrary to the media stereotype of a psychopath as a smooth badass, a psychopath is usually a nerd. They are distempered, fly in rages, have psychological issues, can't interact with the opposite sex. An example of this type of nerd is those two sick fucks that shot up their high school.
A nerd is someone who has severe psychological issues. Examples are people who act like tough guys on the internet, are extreme assholes or extreme crybabies.

All the above is considered common knowledge by the normal people of society. But because this is on the internet, a nerd is going to read this and disagree with it, because as I said, nerds have a persecution, inferiority complex.
by CoffeeCup August 15, 2006
I apologize ahead of time to whoever I offend. The nerds of today are usually fucking dipshits that do nothing but play WOW and Runescape. They are socially retarded and are in denial about their status as a member among the society saying "oh yeah you will be working for me one day" (which they say only because they saw some dumbass sticker or t-shirt that said it) or "yeah we are actually really popular blah blah bla" but the only reason they are "popular" is because they hang out with the rest of the rapidly growing square nerd population and fornicate amongst their "social" classes fat ugly computer/anime addict bitches. And I am sick and tired of the fucking nerds saying "oh you are just jealous we are smarter than you blah blah blah" when really they are fucking morons because all they do is play computer games and flunk school and get in trouble in class because they are talking to eachother about getting a headshot on some fucking Nazi in Call of Duty. I've seen several nerds who are glued to their computers but can be seen afterschool with their goddamn tutors because they suck shit at anything intellectual because all they do is watch anime. Nerds are totally socially incapable. And don't tell me shit about "just because we dont believe in trends blah blah blah" no I'm talking about getting off the fucking computer and talking to some normal fucking people and changing your fucking clothes. that shit was considered obsolete 20 fucking years ago. and take a fucking bath too. and get a fucking dermatologist too, while you're at it. Goths can also be seen on the borderline of nerd, watching tons of anime that they probably dont even understand and playing shitty Japanese underground games no one has ever heard of. The only difference is that they wear dark clothes, have shittier music tastes, and cut themselves talking about how shitty their life is when it really isn't and they just act like babies and cant face the slightest hardship in life. And I'm not saying they have to go do stupid shit to fit in like go drink and smoke pot, I'm just saying they need to go get themselves socially oriented and stop shying away from the rest of society in their dark little computer-filled corners. So in conclusion, Nerds, Geeks, Dorks, Goths, and Emos are all fucking squares. Fuck the socially incompetent, they deserve no pity because they put it completely on themselves. Again I apologize to all the Nerds and Geeks and Goths etc. but goddamn i've had enough of watching the nerds at my school do the stupid shit they do.
Dude 1: "Oh hey look it's a nerd, a goth, and an emo."

Dude 2: "What a bunch of fucktards."

Dude 1: "Fo shaganoff."
by qgf8ghe9agprjf9 June 04, 2006
Someone who aspires to be a dork or geek, but fails. While a dork is funny and clever, and a geek is smart and computer savvy, a nerd who attempts to be a dork ends up being annoying and when attempting to be a geek ends up being stupid. A nerd is a wannabe dork/geek.
"Hey, Mr. Geek, did you see that nerd? He was copying you, only doing a crappy job of doing so!"
"Yeah, I saw him, he was following that dork around, telling him dumb jokes and pissing him off."
by Steve Kane October 20, 2004
Better then a geek, better than a soviet, but worse then a norm
That nerd is Better then a geek, better than a soviet, but worse then a norm
by Justas June 24, 2004
A male or female who thinks they know everything. Believe that studying and high grades are life's #1 thing. Usually wear glasses, even if they don't need them. Usually gel their hair to the side. Usually ugly. Usually wierd-looking. Can't fight; always run off to moms when threatened. For some reason, often get the most female attention when they are surrounded by better-looking people.
"Pal, did you get a load of the nerds?"
-Homer Simpson, episode 'Homer goes to college'
by DaveIII October 17, 2003

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