The people who never get laid or get girlfriends. Also called geeks.
nerd- lets play dungeons and dragons
cool kid - NERD
#nerd #dungeons #cool #geek #girlfriend
by MetalTomNook May 08, 2010
Often confused with geek. A nerd is simply a socially inapt and possibly autistic person - usually a young white male. Nerds may or may not have a high IQ, and they tend to prefer being alone or with fellow nerds who they know will not judge them. Even if they're intelligent, nerds are very undisciplined tend to make average grades in high school because they spend their study hall period daydreaming about World of Warcraft and and the Lord of the Rings trading card game (which they play at their mom's house with male friends each Saturday night while their classmates are going on dates). As a result of feeling inadequate they usually never put their intelligence to real use and usually end up working fast food jobs and rarely lose their virginity.

Geeks on the other hand are just intelligent guys with interest in technical knowledge (such as computers) - but are not actually socially inapt and are likely very mature for their age (while nerds are less mature for their age). They may still be made fun of by the extremely prejudiced because they put school and work over partying and fun, but you will likely end up working for them once you're out of high school while they'll be paying more in taxes then you earn in a year.
Nerd speak: Hey joe did you get the new expansion pack for world of warcraft yet? Its so awesome hahahah! I found a glitch in it where i can make the character walk through a wall and get all the way to the end boss in like just 1 hr. normally that takes all day. and when i do that the boss is at level 1 even though hes supposed to be at level 50 if you get to him the normal way so i killed him in one punch because i was at level 10!! lolololo sweeet!!! if you wanna come play with me and ned this saturday i'll show you how to do it. My mom said its okay!

Geek speak: I got accepted to Yale on a full scholarship and I'm heading there this fall. I waited too late to apply for financial aid at Harvard so I guess I'll just have to settle for my safety school. I'm thinking of studying neurosurgery in medical school. It's a toss up between either that or a major in aerospace engineering. I'll decide later.
#nerd #geek #intelligent #virgin #basement dweller #loser
by GeorgeMichael August 27, 2009
A person who spends waaaaaaaaaay too much time worrying about the honors program and their dog, probably called "Gidget."

See: Linz
"You're a nerd."
"Well you're a jerkface!"
#nerd #dork #geek #dweeb #jerkface #jerk #face
by Sutter 336A March 12, 2009
originally a 'dick-head'. From the French word 'noeud'(literally 'knot'), the slang meaning of which is the glans penis, the enlarged section at the head of the penis, hence 'dick-head'.
whadda nerd!
by klidenengro February 04, 2004
One who has no life in the real world sits in front of his computer all day trying to merge the laws of physics for kicks..Then at the end of the day feels happy for all the information they assimulated during the course of the day. That and does not have a girlfriend for she would get in hes way from his noble prize
Man stop being a nerd and get laid.
by particleion September 24, 2003
Contrary to popular belief nerds are not necesarilly the honor roll, teacher pet students people think they are. No the Nerd subculture is made up of gamers, otaku, and fanboys.
These guys and girls don't go home and do homework and study. No, they spend all after school and all of their free time playing online multiplayer games, playing YugiOh, and watching anime and reading comic books. Kids who actually study and do homework are just smart. Most of them tend to be either overweight or underweight, they gorge on junk food, and whenever they're on Xbox Live or 4Chan they front and pretend to be badasses when in real life they'd get their asses handed to them from lack of exercise.
Don't be fooled you can be a gamer or manga lover without being a nerd it's just that nerds are obsessed with video games and anime/manga. Also for the real nerds when girls say they love nerdy guys, they're usually talking about hipsters who wear the whole nerd outfit of thick frame glasses and plaid shirts, not your pathetic asses.
Nerds spend almost all of their free time playing video games, playing trading card games, reading manga, or watching anime and cartoons and rarely ever socialize with anyone outside of the Internet.
#nerds #nerd #otaku #gamers #geek
by NateParker93 April 03, 2011
A guy who has no friends and loves his books more than his mama!
Max Zechmeister! Hes the Lord of Nerds
#geek #nerd #stupid #funny #haha
by Oliiii June 11, 2007
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