The name N-E-R-D is expressed by Pharrell Williams in tracks meaning Noone ever really dies!
Album n-e-r-d ft pharrell williams
by Toby Hillis November 14, 2005
Real definition: an insult used in place of nastier words.

Textbook definition: a smart individual who is hated for their intellect.
real: "Jake, you nerd, get over here!"


"You nerd! you failed that test?"

textbook: that nerd got a 100% on their exam.
by youXdunnoXme June 17, 2005
someone who has no life and sits in front of the computer all day. has no social life and always pretends to be grounded because theyd rather play computer games than hang out with friends. wears cheap K-mart bluelight special shirts. when hanging around with people who are much cooler than you and can be cool, nerds try to imitate it and become bigger nerds or wiggers (see Wigger)
OMG chris is such a big freakin nerd!!!
by sum1 May 16, 2004
A short guy who tells the precise truth about his height.
You're about 5'8", right?
Oh, no I'm 5 foot 7 and seven eighths
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
geek who knows it all
bill: whats netcoding?
james: its where u send data to the server faster and increase ur ping
alex: fuck ur a nerd!
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Female who gives a very good blowjob.
Casey a nerd. She gives that good brain.
by Dat Nigga Dee November 29, 2007
Nerd and geek are often confused
A nerd is someone of high intelligence, will little social life and communication skills
A geek is someone of high intelligence, with a social life and can communicate with others
Nerd = Programmer
Geek = Programmer/Analyst
by Brodie September 05, 2003
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