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Somone who spends countless(literally countless) time on the internet, usually known for using 1337 and spelling words incorrectly for the hell of itusually resulting in living with their mother even after they are 30 years of age.

5 ways to identify one
1. Someone who uses Leet or 1337 (which is leet for..... leet)

2. Somone who uses Lyke, zOMG (what the hell is zOMG) or the combination OMGWTFBBQ (First off, What in the world does BBQ stand for? Its not Barbecue, Second, why put it together? even I had to erase it a few times before i got it).

3. Someone who gets pissed off if you say something bad about another game that they apparently like, even though you were talking to your friend.

4. Someone who either has a very VERY high IQ or someone with a very VERY low IQ, it varies as there are book geeks, who read many books about everything, and computer geeks(and the usual book-computer, who have the rank of very VERY low IQ) who are more useful to society.

5. If all else fails, then... Someone with the stereotypical glasses, plaid shirt, pants pulled up to their armpits, braces, dorky shoes, very skinny, very smart or thought to be smart, and nasly voice.

<(Bonus)> Someone, when writing, who has complete ignorance to english grammer, spelling, and diction(Word choice, Does "I are a 1337 HAXX0R") who makes mistakes, and continues to make that same mistake on purpose, as it destroys the culture and the future generations as mindless walking zombies roaming the earth, using only their computers to think for them. The only thing they know is Up Down Left Right A B (Triangle, Square, X, Circle, L1, L2, R1, R2)
What a nerd.
That nerd is an idiot. (This would be an example of an oxy moron)
by TJunctionSpacerSpacerLan February 10, 2006
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This is the true defintition:

n. a geek with VERY little/no social life.

This word was made as another word for geek (or vice-versa) and is still used by the general public, who do not know the true meaning of the word.
Cool person- "What a Nerd! He's the biggest geek ever. He doesn't even have ONE Abercrombie shirt!!"

Geek - "I like your pc, but you need to get out more. Come join our anime club!"

Nerd- "I'm not a nerd! I'm a geek! Get over it!" *snuffle*
by Patters September 03, 2004
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Someone who is more interested in computers or star wars or d&D than fashion, music, or social life. It is not to be one. Please do not be one. I was there and have risen up out of nerddom and am much happier for the fact of that. Please put down the O'Reilly book, turn off Star Wars, put away the Pokemon cards, take off the tie, and start becoming more outgoing. You will thank me.
Being a nerd is not a good thing. Being proud of it is worse.
by Snakes on Plane October 15, 2006
32 52
A loser with no life usually. If they have friends they're usually nerds too. They're usually smart and love to sit in front of the computer all day.
Nerds need to get lives.
by None of ur buisness December 16, 2007
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A sad, socially awkward person who plays games like Dungeons and Dragons, and RuneScape. Nerds often go on about how people envy them and they will be sucessful blah blah blah but most nerds are just pitied and end up being sad old losers who live with their moms stuck in a dead end job in an office STILL playing their nerd games.
"wow look at that nerd, playing Runescape"
"Nerd: You're just jealous"
*Normal*: Of what? your non-existent social life? your complete inability to make friends? Your acne?"
by Theoretik February 03, 2006
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one who puts books, learning, or computers in front of everything else. has to be extremely precise about everything, is a perfectionist, and has no connections with the present time. strangely, their handwriting seems to be uglier than a hairy pussy.
me: hey wanna play basketball this afternoon?
nerd: online?
me: LMAO
me: dude stop singing its annoying.
nerd: i'm not singing, i'm humming.
me: you goin to the school dance?
nerd: nah i wanna learn one chapter ahead cause i want to get the 5 bonus points on the next test.
me: holy shit dawg get down the principals coming.
nerd: umm whats a dawg?
teacher: number 13, the answer is..
nerd: wait on number 12, my friend forgot to capitalize and he didn't put a period...
by Kevin February 13, 2004
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All of you dont are mis-interpreting the meaning of "nerd", nerd is not a person, nerd is the substance that covers a "Geek", making him the most useless, most lame, and the most cut-off from the rest of the world loser. A person who is full of nerd usually wears the following:
1. Nerdy glasses.
2. Ugly, no-longer-fashionable shirt .
3. Ugly no-longer fashionable pants (should be raised as much as possible).
4. Long socks.
5. Old shoes, that used to be cool when ADIDAS released it's first sneakers.
6. Huge watch which little kids like to wear.
7. Ugly bowl haircut.
8. The first Nokia phone ever released with "who let the dogs out" ringtone.
9. Lamest personality ever..EVER.
CAUTION : "Nerd" is a highly contagious substance and should be totally avoided. "Nerd" covers a geek and all of his possesions, so DO NOT take or borrow any of the geek's possesions unless you're gonna use them to kill the nerd.Note: No cure has yet been discovered to get rid of "nerd", simply because "Geeks" are not willing to find the cure because it will remove all the "nerd" from them.
Mike: Duude, can i borrow a pen?
Larry the Geek : Sure, which one? I have a collection :D
Chris: Mike, dude, don't take it, it's full of "nerd", you'll get the "nerd" on yourself duude. You can't get rid of that shit.
Mike: OH F@%K !
by ShinySpoons November 24, 2008
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