Noun-Slag short for Andrea Stratton
"That nerd works at the coffee shop."
by Nerdizzle April 27, 2009
Female who gives a very good blowjob.
Casey a nerd. She gives that good brain.
by Dat Nigga Dee November 29, 2007
Nerd and geek are often confused
A nerd is someone of high intelligence, will little social life and communication skills
A geek is someone of high intelligence, with a social life and can communicate with others
Nerd = Programmer
Geek = Programmer/Analyst
by Brodie September 05, 2003
A short guy who tells the precise truth about his height.
You're about 5'8", right?
Oh, no I'm 5 foot 7 and seven eighths
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
Someone who enjoys sedentary persuits, for example he or she will not play football but will enjoy playing computer football. The nerd will have a high general knowledge due to the sheer amount of time he or she wastes watching television or perusing the internet and talking to other nerds. A nerd often confuses this general knowledge with intelligence, and therefore feels that they are superior to people with social skills. A nerd often listens to music with little or no rythm, such as goth or the smiths (great band though they were thanks to Johnny Marr), especially if the music contains self pitying lyrics.
Nerds often play internet computer games, and refer to people who are not as good as them as 'noobs'. This is particularly popular insult amongst nerds for non-nerds.

It is ironic as most of them are virgins, so are in fact 'noobs' in the real world.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
An individual whos computer skills and knowledge of science fiction shows are bolsterd by his lack of sexual prowess and dress sense. They are generally picked on by everyone with a social standing.
Hampered by acne, a breaking voice, glasses so thick they can see through time and less muscle tome than a McChicken nugget the nerd is very rarely seen with a bird or any member of the female persuasion besides their mother.
Will hate jocks and other popular people, resenting them for thier social achievement and the fact that some can be intelligent with out having thier waistband above thier nipples.
"Oh christ, those damn nerds are playing dungeons and dragons in the library again."
"No, I don't want to go to Star Trek convention, it's full of nerds."
by ADrock April 29, 2004
Someone who thinks that they are cool for knowing things that will never be needed. Or someone who does an unnecisary amount of schoolwork because they think that is cool.
Jessica is a total nerd
by dan December 17, 2003

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