nerd (no ever really dies) the group contains of pharrel williams, chad hugo, and shay. The offspring of the neptunes
NERD is not a production group but a band
by tingtong January 15, 2005
They are often the most intelligent in one field and become quite obsessive in that particular area (see: Trekies). The problem nerds have is that they are the most socially inept of the three classes.
That Nerd really likes playing with his Star Wars action figures.
by Davin September 11, 2004
By way of all the definitions of nerd and geek on this site i am bothyet neither. I am exceedingly good at computing, (now for the jargon) with languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS ect, and have a web design job. I am 15. I earn on average about £2000 a month. I built a top of the range computer with DVD, CD r/w, TV input ect, for £250.
I am also socially advanced. I am not a reclusive obbsessive. I wish i was. I cant live without social interaction.
I am 15 and i am already better than some of you will ever be in your entire life.
I have 3 websites, and i run 2 very profitable ones.
So suck on that you prejudicic losers.
this is an example
by zosoboy March 21, 2004
N*E*R*D= No one Ever Really Dies... Pharrell's band... it's ill
I'm a N*E*R*D!
by Pharrell's baby June 18, 2003
Nerd- They don't lift weights being scrawny, own items such as motorcycles, sports cars, handguns, rifles, or anything that is actually attractive, are unclean having a pigsty of a home, and generally smell bad. There a variation of Geek but have been consumed by loserness. Normally developing in early childhood. A Geek born with retardation is a Nerd.
Damn dude I can smell you from four feet away. You have enough time to complete every quest on Skyrim and World of Warcraft combined but not enough time to shower before work. Your such a Nerd.

There is a reason why Best Buy has a Geek Squad and not a Nerd Squad. For one the smell would drive away customers.
by Geek DDI October 20, 2012
A lonely man. With a small toothbrush.
Wow, look at that nerd, I would hate to have a toothbrush that small...
by Mattxy8 January 16, 2011
A name given to a person that is generally known to be obsessed to a certain topic .

Stereotypes of nerds include:

1. Intellegent
2. Pathetic
3. Obsessed with things like computers, anime, science, and etc.
4. Glasses
5. A Pet Peeve
6. Feeble
The Truth is Nerds aren't all intelligent, pathetic or annoying. But some people develop a "Nerd Complex" after be teased and socially rejected some they decide to act smart or pathetic intentionally.

But a Nerd is simply a person obsessed to something to an extreme point. It nothing to do with IQ.

Also a Nerd can also be someone that easily gets obsessed.
Nerd:" Dead Space 2 better not have any more Asteroids!"
by Opopi July 18, 2009
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