The most dangerous people in the world. They are often Jewish and wander in packs of other nerds who compete and play each other day and night but no one ever 'wins'. all their 'friends' or trolls as they are to everyone else, have degree's but they all work as cashier's 'with self-esteem'. They resist social demands. They are the greatest cowards to wander the earth. Do not be fooled by their golden boy 'friend' with the 500K credit limit acheived by their daddy bailing them out. He is INSECURE and his 'friends' all leech.
Milhouse - "I'm not a smart nerd, I'm just a weak nerd."

Golden Boy - 'No Legals Here'.
by Golden Atlanta Rodboy May 23, 2009
A person who doesn't work, pay bills, is still living at their parents, and plays WoW all day.
Jon Boyd is a text book example of nerd.
by badassshaddypriest November 16, 2008
(you can tell nerds added the definition to this, exaggerated much?)

Someone who is very intelligent and commonly antisocial. Contuary to te nerd's belief, they do not always grow up being rich and wealthy. A lot of them spends too much money on computers and videogames to be able to hold down a steady job.

1.) They tend to be facinated in topics that most of the time, the average joe doesn't give a flying f*** about.
2.) A lot of them are very big headed and think they are smarter than everyone else.
3.) They hate when someone proves them wrong and thinks that they are always right.
4.)A lot of them suffer from the same problem as preps, they suffer from superiority complex disorder. They think they are better and sometimes can be just as mean as preps.
5.)They can be a bit short tempered and get angry over the smallest stuff.
6.)They tend to take school work very seriously and a lot of the times, they end up doing the jock's work for them since they are easily controlled. In fact a lot of the times the jock can be very smart but seems dumb because he is very lazy.
Nerd: DId you know they plan on releasing the first hoover craft vehicle for commercial sale in as early as 2009!!! WOW!
Dude:yeah,.....thats cool I guess...*gives half ass laugh*
Nerd: How could you not be excited about this?
Dude: Its alright I guess.....
Nerd: Its okay if you are too stupid to understand the complexity of this.
Dude: I'm not really stupid, I just have other things to worry about....
Dude:You can't be a boss, you spend so much money and time on videogames and computers, I don't see how someone like you will run a company.
Nerd: SHUT UP INFERIOR BEING!!!*goes home and post an extremely exaggerated definition for "nerd" on Urbandictionary*
by realisticnerdykid April 01, 2008
a pretentious lot who fancy themselves better than the average person. they tend to look upon themselves as better than most people, they obsess over certain things to the point where all else becomes moot and null. they seem to like to bring up things like, the worlds biggest nerd is also the worlds richest man... it seems to me however they forget that while they "run the show" on their high horse the much larger population of workers carry out their tyrannical commands due to their inexplicable inability to work for real. Sure a nerd invented the computer, satellites and microwaves. and sure some nerds will become the center light for a while and create something to better mankind. but most of them simply wallow in their intelligence hating those more accomplished then they and taking it out on those less so. bitter, forgotten and frustrated with the fact that they will have no affect on the world around them despite all their great idea's.
nerd with a black eye's mother- that jock is just jealous because someday you will be his boss, have a nice car and a hot girlfriend

nerd with the black eye- sure great, I'm sure my "lucrative" job in the world of teaching his retard kids English or some bullshit like that will really make his life of getting a free education sports scholarship in whatever he wants because he plays football or something like that will really make him mad.

nerd with a black eye's mother-shut up nerd
by anger child January 10, 2008
A smart dude who spends more time on important things like their intelligence than thing like sports, and as a result are socially inept. I myself am a lesser nerd, because I devote my time to other, non-nerdy things such as popularity, running (the nerd sport, but oddly enough better for you than weight training and sports like football) and making people laugh. I belong to a sub-group of funny nerds who don't have snot-coated sleeves,and do have girlfriends. Most people don't know I'm a nerd.
ME: I'm a nerd.
Brainless Jock Who Thinks I'm Cool:...No your not!
ME: Yes, I am.
Brainless Jock:................
by Dudeiedes January 10, 2007
1. See Napoleon Dynamite.
2. Little tiny pieces of candy that taste like your mom.
1. That Napoleon is such a nerd!
2. Are you going to eat that nerd?
by Chingy Dawg April 24, 2005
peeps who get dissed by jocks and others, but mostly jocks. wonder why nerds don't fight back. nerds should at least say things like "go fuck yo mom", "suck mine", or "yo mom has a dick" to the jocks.
Nerd: "yo mom has a dick"
Jocks beat him up.
Next day, the nerds all come up on the jock with all the disses in computer language.
by chinksta March 09, 2005

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