1) Someone who can't seem to find intelligence in today's human race, and therefore making it seem like he's an outcast because he has little or no friends that can "understand" him or her.
2) Innovators in today's world.
3) A conformist's worst nightmare.
1) Billionares (Bill Gates)
by MayGah February 08, 2004
NOTE: don't confuse nerd and geeks, nerds are cooler then geeks, geeks are the ones that everyone hates and will never get laid by anyone but their mom ^___^

1) One who is smarter then the avg. person and normally is a pot head of some type
2) someone that doesn't care about the world around him and does what he wishes while being smart in his own way (normally computers)
He's a nerd, look at him, making straight A's and smokes more then us
by Evan November 24, 2003
A person who doesn't work, pay bills, is still living at their parents, and plays WoW all day.
Jon Boyd is a text book example of nerd.
by badassshaddypriest November 16, 2008
a pretentious lot who fancy themselves better than the average person. they tend to look upon themselves as better than most people, they obsess over certain things to the point where all else becomes moot and null. they seem to like to bring up things like, the worlds biggest nerd is also the worlds richest man... it seems to me however they forget that while they "run the show" on their high horse the much larger population of workers carry out their tyrannical commands due to their inexplicable inability to work for real. Sure a nerd invented the computer, satellites and microwaves. and sure some nerds will become the center light for a while and create something to better mankind. but most of them simply wallow in their intelligence hating those more accomplished then they and taking it out on those less so. bitter, forgotten and frustrated with the fact that they will have no affect on the world around them despite all their great idea's.
nerd with a black eye's mother- that jock is just jealous because someday you will be his boss, have a nice car and a hot girlfriend

nerd with the black eye- sure great, I'm sure my "lucrative" job in the world of teaching his retard kids English or some bullshit like that will really make his life of getting a free education sports scholarship in whatever he wants because he plays football or something like that will really make him mad.

nerd with a black eye's mother-shut up nerd
by anger child January 10, 2008
someone who does homework at an average of fifteen minutes a day and does friend's homework for them when they are bored.
I need a nerd to do my homework for me.
by fadkakjdakljdfa May 06, 2007
The name N-E-R-D is expressed by Pharrell Williams in tracks meaning Noone ever really dies!
Album n-e-r-d ft pharrell williams
by Toby Hillis November 14, 2005
1. See Napoleon Dynamite.
2. Little tiny pieces of candy that taste like your mom.
1. That Napoleon is such a nerd!
2. Are you going to eat that nerd?
by Chingy Dawg April 24, 2005

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